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The Great Worm

The Great Worm lives in tunnels which traverse all of the Black Beneath of Octisafell. While there are actually more than one Great Worm, the transportation system and vehicles that make up the system are all referred to as The Great Worm. The Great Worm transports people of all ages and stations to and from many locations in and around Octiragrin and its bordering territories. There are Wormways between all major cities inside Octiragrin as well as to Dronigath, the Sacala Desert, the Fearsome Enclave, and Lothlindell.

The Great Worm also called Wormy by children and fond passengers is a gargantuan worm. It always has a huge smile on its face. It loves to carry people from place to place. He sings happy songs when traveling, encouraging sing-alongs with passengers. There are song sheets in the passenger compartments to help those who may not know the words. It is also popular to make up your own words to the Worm's songs.

The Great Worm secretes a benign ooze which lubricates the paths it slithers through. The ooze can turn acidic/toxic when the Worm or its passengers are threatened. The passengers travel in 98 gondolas suspended above Wormy by a magical forcefield. The head and tail cars are occupied by two crew / guards to look for trouble in the tunnels. Each passenger gondola is colored in a sequential pattern which allows the crew and passengers to find their seats. Each gondola holds up to five passengers and each pair of gondolas are served by one crew member. The crew is responsible for seating passengers, distributing food and beverages, passing out song sheets and other entertainment.

The first 28 gondolas are 1st Class, the next 35 gondolas are for 2nd Class, and the last 35 gondolas are known as the Cheep Seats. First Class arrives first, are able to hear the Worm's song the best and have extra amenities. Second Class seats are the normal seats where the ride is smooth and the song is easy enough to hear. The Cheep Seats are at the end, which means the ride a little rougher due to the swinging of the Worm's tail and the song is a bit more faint.

Tickets are chits in the color and includes the number of the gondola. First class chits are gold plated, Second Class chits are silver plated, and Cheep Seat chits are pewter. These chits are often kept as souvenirs.

Power Generation

Worm Power - the Worm eats rock and releases the ooze that it moves through.



Weapons & Armament

Acid spitting and secretion valves, crew armed with knives, swords, and crossbows.

Armor and defense

Poisonous ooze secretions impenetrable skin.
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Used by
Wormway / Wormy / Fast Worm / Alfy
Octiragrin Royal Worm Way (ORWW)
Wormway - The fastest, funniest way around!
1st Class - 3 Sliver
2nd Class - 1 Silver
Cheep Seats - 5 Copper
Very Rare
15 ft.
4 furlongs / 2640 ft.
15 ft.
350 mph
Complement / Crew
50 crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
500 passengers


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