The Carriage of Marvelous Wonders

Ladies and Gentlefolk! We have returned with more tales of wondrous deeds... more images of fantastic beasts... more songs... and more news from your loved ones in far off towns and cities! The puppets and Mystro the Illusionist will be performing for the children in the market square tomorrow and the day following... and Carella, Cyldram, and myself will be singing the latest heroic ballads at the Boars Tusk for the next three nights! Hope to see you there - and don't forget to try the venison stew!
— Andreas the Bard, hawking performances of the Travelling Troupe
For the townsfolk and villagers along the roads that traverse the Feywood, there are few events less anticipated than the twice-yearly arrival of the Traveling Troupe. When the brightly colored carriage rolls into town, the folk know they are in for three days of entertainment, song, performance, and - most importantly - news of the world beyond the Feywood.

From the viewpoint of the villagers and townsfolk that attend them, the performances put on by the Troupe are never the same from visit to visit. For as the Troupe travels, its members not only tell tales of adventure, but gather them up as well. Stories worthy of retelling are added to the repertoire, and the older, staler tales are retired. The Illusionist that performs with the bards also updates his displays of wonder - sometimes augmenting a tale with carefully crafted visions and sounds, and sometimes simply producing images of creatures from far off lands or ancient legends and myths.

The Carriage

The Carriage of Marvelous Wonders is a closed-cabin coach pulled by four draft horses. It is large enough to accomodate the five members of the Traveling Troupe in reasonable comfort, and can even carry a few additional passengers if the need arises. The Carriage can stow enough provisions to keep the Troupe well sustained for at least three weeks on the road. Since no leg of their journey is longer than about ten to twelve days, this gives them a safety cushion should problems arise on the road.

The carriage is painted in brilliant hues of red, yellow, green and blue, but each year, the decoration scheme is changed. One year, It was painted with oversized flowers all over it; another year a great dragon festooned the sides of the coach. One of the things that villagers look forward to is seeing whether or not the new year's decorations are more outlandish than the last.

But no matter what it looks like, the appearance of the wagon on the road into a village or town is a cause for celebration. Its arrival means several days of unique entertainment for all ages. For many, it also means news of relatives in other towns and villages, and often even the delivery of letters and packages. For the folk of the Feywood settlements, the Carriage of Marvelous Wonders is the only reliable postal service available.

The Traveling Troupe

The troupe consists of 5 performers. Three are musicians that will sing the latest popular songs from the far-off cities and kingdoms while accomanying themselves on flute, lute, and harp. A hurdy-gurdy may even make an appearance from time to time. There is also an illusionist member of the troupe whose magical sights and sounds often astound the villagers, and an accomplished puppeteer.
The Carriage of Marvelous Wonders
Tales of Daring, Sights of Wonder, Nights to Remember
It is the only one of its kind in the Feywood, though many like it can be found in the Kingdoms to the West.
The Carriage typically covers approximately 20 miles per day.
Complement / Crew
the five members of the Traveling Troupe
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
The carriage can seat up to 6 comfortably; 8 less so. Provisions and gear for 3 weeks on the road can be carried.
the Carriage alone is 15ft long x 6ft wide x 8ft high
with a team of four draft horses hitched, it is a full 35ft long
No Cedric, the singers and puppets won't be here tomorrow. They've got other children to entertain too, you know. You'll see them again in the fall.
— Mother consoling child as the Carriage of Marvelous Wonders rolls out of the village

Original Image of Carriage by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay
Bard Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay


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Master Evanarix
Evan Arix Carbajal
12 Jul, 2020 04:46

Did little Cedric get to see the carriage again?

13 Jul, 2020 13:01

Lol... yes! It makes a full circuit through all the towns on its route twice a year.

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