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The Inspirator-Machina

(Legacy Content)
The Inspirator-Machina is a Gallantry of the Knights of Gothrane faction within Troydres, constructed to appear as a humanoid, mechanical golden bird. It was renamed from simply "the Machina" due to the incredible effects on allied morale when placed on the battlefield, as its appearance there would illicit joy from the frontline troops and signal the defeat of the enemy is near. This effect is partially attributed to the mech's physical appearance, though mostly is due to the incredible piloting skills of the honorable Sir Gautrek Calemir, a knight of unusually bright and cheery disposition for one that has seen so many battles.

Power Generation

Two dual-linked Hyper P.U.L.S.E Engines, designed specifically for use in Gallantries. Due to the immense power output by this engine design - required for running all systems on a Gallantry - these engines require constant maintenance and replacing, though better designs seek to fix this issue.


All Gallantries are bipedal mechanical suits, and are required to be equipped with with varying strength vertical and horizontal lift P.U.L.S.E Jets for quick maneuvering, flight capabilities, and immediate response procedures. The Inspirator-Machina is no different in this regard.

Weapons & Armament

All Gallantries are equipped with their standard, high-powered variants of the Caernarvic Quick-fire 100mm Cannon on both arms, alongside their specific armaments. The Inspirator-Machina possesses secondary P.U.L.S.E. field generators in its arms, allowing it to form malleable barriers within loose or soft material out to a range of fifty feet (15 m). This capability allows the mech to limitedly control nearby sand, throwing condensed sand boulders at enemy vehicles, forming walls of sand to stop motorized columns, or even creating small sandstorms to cover moving units.

Armor and defense

All Gallantries are built with composite layers of Titanoshulate and Veluvium plating over the most critical components, with pure Veluvium making up the remainder of the structure. Additionally, all Gallantries possess considerable P.U.L.S.E Energy Shielding due to their innate value as strategic assets. Additional systems depend on the specific Gallantry model. The Inspirator-Machina possesses no other forms of passive defenses, though it can conceal itself in a small sandstorm.

Communication Tools & Systems

All Gallantries possess wide and direct band radio communication systems as standard, both of which encrypted in heavy firewalling to ensure no information leaks.


All Gallantries possess visual, infrared, night, and spectral sensors as standard. Individual Gallantries may possess more depending on their functions.

Additional & auxiliary systems

All Gallantries possess either small or medium sized P.U.L.S.E Generators for limited self-sufficient operation, though specific models could possess more or more powerful variants depending on their operational limitations.   Also, Gallantries do not possess additional vehicles or drones by standard, though individual models can possess some again depending on function.
"Victory on the Winds"
Owning Organization
32' (9.8 m)
50 tons (45,359 kg)
Running speed: 50 mph (80 kph), Flight speed: 120 mph (193 kph)
Complement / Crew
1 Knighted Pilot (Sir Gautrek Calemir)
Cargo & Passenger Capacity


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