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The Knights of Gothrane

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The Knights of Gothrane are an order of knights based in Tyrralore, and founded by Lady Aerielle Gothrane during the second calamity and subsequent reclamation. In keeping with their founder's ideals, the Knights are tasked with the protection of Tyrralore from all manner of foes and threats, be they demons from the infinite abyss or hostile nation seeking to expand their control into the continent, and if necessary lead the charge themselves for their troops to follow. Over time, and with the government of Tyrralore being controlled by the four noble houses thereof, the Knights were issued their unique Gallantries, and were pressed into the service of increasingly authoritarian nobles, eventually joining their ranks as corrupt nobility. However, with the unification of Tyrralore being set underway by a Knight of Gothrane, many chose to forsake the corruption and purify their order.


The Knights of Gothrane are divided into a strict hierarchy that has been integrated with the noble houses, with members of said houses who are also a part of the order receiving generally better treatment than others of the order at their specified rank. The ranks are usually as follows from top down: heads of noble houses, knight grandmasters, knight lords, knights, adepts, apprentices, squires, and squire candidates. The additional title of Mechton is granted to those who primarily perform duties in service or maintenance to the order's Gallantries, and are referred to as, for instance, Mechton adepts, Mechton squires, and so forth.

Public Agenda

The Knights of Gothrane are sworn into the order by oath, and are required thereof to uphold the peace by countering the most important of threats to the nation. As such, the order was founded on virtues mimicking those of its founder, Lady Aerielle Gothrane, who believed the individual strength of people when bound by common law could turn any travesty. The Knights are thusly dedicated to eradicating anything that poses a significant enough threat that can't be neutralized through other, more conventional means, such as with the resources of The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative.


The Knights of Gothrane possess an incredible amount of funding, considering that the organization is backed by all four of the noble houses of Tyrralore, and thusly preferes a strategy of quality over quantity, selectively picking the best of their ranks from the best of candidates, and only giving the exorbitantly expensive Gallantries to the best of those who prove themselves as knights. The order operates from fortresses located in each of the four bastion cities of Tyrralore, and has little in the way of assets outside of such, instead serving The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative as a form of special operation force suitable for all manner of roles.


The Knights of Gothrane were founded during the final months of the First Calamity by Lady Aerielle Gothrane, and the fledgeling order took part in the Second Reclamation, proving itself to be a substantial force in stemming the demonic tides. Since the end of the Second Reclamation, the Knights of Gothrane have served all across the technological world, slaying demons, putting down heinous cults, and eradicating userpous uprisings, acting in Tyrralore, Saeralore, Gjalvalore, Sancturalore, and even as far as Vyerigal, though of course never on Ysrailore. In semi-recent history, the Knights are the ones responsible for the condemnation and banishment of suspected demonic cultists in the bastion cities themselves, leading these banished peoples to eventually produce the Oro-kin. In recent history, before the takeover of house Vaikyn and the subsequent reunification of Tyrralore, the Knights have garnered a reputation of being enforcer brutes of the oligarchic rule of the noble houses, and thusly have lost a significant amount of respect in response, though this is now being remedied by the current ruler of Tyrralore, who is a Knight herself.

"Virtue through law and order."

Founding Date
Pyrrisday, Decezel 12, 1296 AFE
Military, Knightly Order
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