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The Tyrralorean Landmass

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The Tyrralorean continent, otherwise referred to as the eastern primary landmass or simply by Tyrralore, encompasses the nation also named Tyrralore. It consists almost entirely of the world's largest desert, The Sansurath, with some oases dotted throughout, then the few islands and island chains in its surroundings, though does not include the Column Isle. The four cities of the noble houses make the only real civilian settlements, and while consisting of nearly ninety-seven percent of the population, only encompassing a fraction of the space, with the only other structures being military installations scattered throughout the landscape.


The terrain of the Tyrralorean landmass primarily consists of miles upon miles of deserts, dunes, and sandstone cliff-faces, surrounded on all sides by oceans, and sharing an oceanic border with Saeralore , Gjalvalore, and the Column Isle. Hundreds of oases dot the landscape, though some appear to dry up periodically, only to be replenished in due time.

Fauna & Flora

Numerous desert creatures and plants inhabit the Tyrralorean landmass, be they intelligent or non, passive or vicious. Some specimens that could be found here are, of course, Aloreans, the nearly only population of Oro-kin, the ferocious Kero-Bazir dune worms, and assorted species of cactus to round it out.

Natural Resources

Numerous materials and resources can be found in abundance in Tyrralore, everything from massive quantities of iron, coal, copper, tin, aluminum, lead, Veluvium, Bareshulate (although all countries with established mining firms will have massive amounts of this), and all manner of other materials.
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