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Mt. Calysma

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Mt. Calysma is a massive, composite volcano on the northwestern coastline of Ysrailore , and is currently the largest above-ground volcano on the planet. As of this day, the volcano is dormant - believed to have last erupted some time during the Dark Age - but signs of activity have become increasingly noticeable with groundswell, active thermal vents, and occasional smoke and ash emitting from cracks at its base. The people of Ysrailore have begun to fear the possibility of an eruption during their lifetime, and the magocracy has put plans in motion in case such an event comes to pass.


The volcano itself is approximately six miles (9.7 km) tall. It's slopes are rather steep when compared to other composite volcanoes, and covered in layers of snow and ice. The first third of the mountain is covered by the Icewood Forest, which make up its immediate, hilly surroundings. While not a part of the chain, Mt. Calysma is relatively close to the Stellar Mountain Range, which lies to its southeast. To its north, west, and northwest lie a small strip of hilly land between the volcano and the Nieric Ocean.

Fauna & Flora

A number of common plant and animal species that make their home on the slopes of the mountain, as well as a number of more specific creature types, including a known den of Vori-Gai. It has been speculated that a Voru-Grier made its home within the volcano's magma chamber, somewhat helping its recent thermal activity.

Natural Resources

Before the recent activity scared most of the populous away with the prospect of magma infiltrating their mineshafts, the nearby towns were a valuable mining endeavor, providing the rest of the continent with numerous ores, gems, fossil fuels, and other minerals. Nearby towns such as Tubrea also had a thriving lumber industry, in addition to a large fishing industry along the coastline. Of course, most of that is abandoned now.
Alternative Name(s)
"The Doom Mount," "Flaming Crown"
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This is my entry for the Inktober 2019 prompt: "Ash." An article about a volcano... for the ash prompt... fitting, no?

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