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The Ysrailorean Landmass

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The Ysrailorean continent, otherwise referred to as the eastern primary landmass or simply by Ysrailore, encompasses the nation also named Ysrailore. It consists of a mixture of temperate forests, mountains, and plains, with various rivers crossing through the land, as well as a number of smaller islands and island chains in its immediate surroundings. Ysrailore is home to some of the most fertile farmland on the planet, owing partially to the fact that it was previously a volcanic wasteland during the Dark Age, resulting in its exceptional soil quality even to this day. And though travesty may have struck the continent several times during its history, the hardy people who live within its bounds have time and again shown that they are capable of weathering hardship.


The terrain of the Ysrailorean landmass mainly consists of rolling plains on its southern portion, combined with a few isolated mountains, mountain chains, and forests scattered about. To the north lie most of the population centers nestled in well protected mountain ranges and valleys, with the remainder being taken up by temperate forests. The continent shares oceanic borders with Saeralore, Gjalvalore, and Vyerigal.

Fauna & Flora

The wildlife of Ysrailore is perhaps the most diverse of all the main continents, with a varying array of passive to aggressive creatures, herbivores to carnivores, and everything in between. Examples of course include Aloreans, alongside a sizable population of Urbo-kin within the cities. A sizeable amount of Arbo-kin also reside in the many forests of the land, though mostly among the trees of the Icewood Forest. As for creatures outside of the respective civilizations, there exist a number of dangerous species, such as Vori-Gai, Gyagaton, and several other forms of plants and animals perhaps too numerous to fully list here.

Natural Resources

With Ysrailore's prime position on wonderful farmland, it is only sensible that the townships within be the biggest exporters of all manner of farmed stables, everything from various grains, vegetables, fruits, to all manner of meats, dairy products, and everything in between. This is also without mentioning any form of mining operations, which produce staple minerals like iron, coal, and the like, as well as being the largest exporter of Maijurium in the world due to the intense presence of magic throughout the lands.


The many facets of Ysrailore are no stranger to tourism, drawing a vast amount of income from such businesses. The mystical nature of the land and its people attracts people from as far as Tyrralore to see the many wonders present within the boundaries of the continent. From the massive, castle-like walls of Casterhold Academy, to the sprawling spires of Ysroedarghn, to even the more humble and traditionalist settlements like Port Yew or Vardendale, the lands of Ysrailore offer vast opportunities for exploration and adventure.
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