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The Crown of the World

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The Crown of the World, commonly referred to as the World Crown, is a massive monument dedicated to The Four Great Heroes, and the actions they took during the Reclamation, set upon the summit of the tallest peak of Sancturalore. In the current day, however, the Crown of the World serves as the headquarters of Order and its many branches.

Purpose / Function

The Crown of the World is intended to be a monument of The Four Great Heroes, enshrined with the history of The Reclamation at the point of the Heroes' grand exit from the depths of the world for all future generations to learn. It also houses the tombs of The Four Great Heroes, set beneath enormous statues of their visage reflective of their nation's stability.


The Crown of the World has had very few alterations made to it over the millennia since its construction in an effort to preserve as much historical accuracy as possible. With this in mind, much of the work that has gone into the structure after the Alorean First Era has been in either efforts of preservation, such as guardrails and casings around the colored wall etchings, or in preservation, like re-detailing of faded colors or trueing up lines in the stonework.


Almost the entire structure, including the statues of The Four Great Heroes, was constructed of a form of treated marble, made to withstand be a testament of engineering against the corrosion of time. The only differences between the design of the main structure and its surroundings are the four tombs holding the remains of the Heroes who designed them with their own personal flair, making them stand out as uniquely as the Heroes themselves.


The Crown of the World was constructed at the end of The Reclamation as a monument to the success of The Four Great Heroes, who left it to be such when they left Sancturalore to lead their respective countries, only returning to it near the end of their lives to remember the history that will be left behind. Upon their deaths, their bodies were recovered and brought to their tombs at the foot of their statues, and to this day their remains are left in their tombs.   The Crown of the World would be left to its caretakers until the First Calamity, where the Aloreans abandoned the surface almost entirely. Only after the Second Reclamation, at the beginning of the Alorean Second Era, would the Crown see new inhabitants as it would then become home to the immutable Order, the Alorean hero who delivered the Alorean people from their ancient binds for the second time. Since then, it has come to house Order and all of the organization's branches, such as the Atherion, the Etherion, and the divine Hell Hunters, as a form of headquarters.
Alternative Names
The World Crown
World wonder
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