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The individual known to the world as Order has long since been shrouded in mystery since their emergence into public attention during the First Calamity. As a self proclaimed hero of Alore, Order quickly proved themself when the time came to face the heinous Balraious-Kaneig at the end of the Second Reclamation, cementing Alorean society upon the surface once more, and now seen as a form of god-hero to the Alorean people. Even now, the ancient being watches over the world, encouraging and inspiring acts of heroism across the world, as well as protecting it from cataclysmic threats from beyond the stars, or deep below the earth.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Order is suggested to be in perfect physical condition for an Alorean, though considering that they keep themself hidden from public view and covered head-to-toe in ceremonial garb, this cannot be confirmed. Their form is considered to be mostly androgynous, with many assuming them to be of either sex, though close examination of public images show their form leaning more towards a feminine shape, though nothing can truly be confirmed from this alone. It is also suggested that order is in fact a Solarian, which could explain their Immutability and their immense power, thought also serves to bring up even more questions.

Physical quirks

Order appears to be ambidextrous, though their body moves with utmost efficiency, lacking any form of extraneous motion while actively moving. Their motion does not appear to be indicative of any particular species or gender thereof, rather seeming to be intentionally different to all other forms of humanoid in that regard.

Special abilities

Further adding to the mystery of Order is that for reasons that will undoubtedly remain hidden to public knowledge, Order seems to possess two types of ability, being Yearn and Maijure. This contradicts all forms of established knowledge on the subject of these abilities, considering all examples both before and after Order only possess a single ability type, and it was long thought impossible for an individual to possess two abilities. As for their Yearn ability, it is thought that they possess some manner of either temporal or reality warping ability, though given the scope of these assumptions and the lack of information on the subject this cannot be fully confirmed. As for their Maijure, they seem most capable of the Clairum school, though also have proficiency in the Detrum, Halum, and Transum schools. However, this dichotomy of abilities within a single individual appears to cause some manner of physical dissonance, as over the millennia of Order's life they have been seen with an increasing number body wraps. This may be caused by an unknown condition cause by the nature of having two abilities, causing the body to be unable of being healed, and thusly operated autonomously by means of Maijure or Yearn capabilities. However, this as with many other assumptions cannot be confirmed as of yet.

Apparel & Accessories

Order has never been seen without their apparel, complete with a long white coat over a heavy dark vest, boots, hood, and mask that fully covers their face. The design on the mask resembles the structure of The Crown of the World when viewed from above, including the apertures which hold the statues of The Four Great Heroes, though not the statues themselves.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Due to the nature of Order, next to nothing is known about them, perhaps even for the better. What is known, however, is that they are responsible for organizing the Alorean resistance during the First Calamity, that they were responsible for banishing the self-proclaimed "demon king" Balraious-Kaneig from our world and reestablishing Alorean society on the surface of the world. In modern times, Order serves as the head of several organizations based in The Crown of the World, including the Aetherion, the Etherion, and the Hell Hunters, all of which attempting to prevent the world from falling into the clutches of demons once more.


Order was at first employed as the leader of the Alorean retaliation during the First Calamity, in which they led numerous successful military campaigns against the demon hordes. Since then, Order has helmed efforts of demonic suppression throughout the world through the use of their organizations and through requests to other organizations by their personal guard.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Order's staggering victories on the fields of battle during the Second Reclamation and subsequent banishment of Balraious-Kaneig is known to all modern Aloreans as their greatest achievements, though the quelling of civil wars and demonic feuds has certainly not gone unnoticed. In the Second Era, their efforts in continuing to maintain global stability by sending the greatest warriors of the Hell Hunters into the hellish abyss to slaughter demons for good, thus quelling surface incursions significantly.

Intellectual Characteristics

While nearly no information on the personality of the individual, only public records are useful in determining the intellect of Order. First, Order is extremely tactically gifted, known to capable of deducing opponents plans mere moments after seeing them in action. Second, Order possesses an incredible global awareness through either their own power or through their associated organizations, and when combined with Order's multi-millenia of experience allows them to accurately create solutions to even complex problems.

Morality & Philosophy

The clear exception to the majorly mysterious Order is their established morals, which includes equality among all sentient and sapient life regardless of race, species, ethnicity, or otherwise, and the protection and preservation of life as a whole, with the extermination of any hostile species requiring Order's permission. These morals - themselves being influenced by The Four Great Heroes - have gone on to influence the morality of many other great figures of Alorean society.

Personality Characteristics


Order seems to be singularly driven by the desire to see the world in prosperity, and thusly works to limit the chaotic and destructive influence of the demon hordes - and those that would seek to summon them to the surface - across the world. As a result, Order has consistently shown to be willing to sacrifice the lives of a few in effort to save the lives of many more, even if that means undermining their reputation in small amounts.

Virtues & Personality perks

Order appears to strive to exemplify and personify the positive aspects of heroism, thusly inspiring others to to become great heroes as well. This can serve to assist their goals in maintaining global stability through individuals working to achieve similar ends.


Contacts & Relations

Order has close ties with the heads of each nation's government who recognizes their will. This allows Order to keep a close eye on the situation within each nation, especially with concerns to national and/or regional stability with regards to recent demonic activity.

Wealth & Financial state

Order is assumed to be incredibly wealthy, considering their position both physically among the busiest of trade routes and metaphorically with their several organizations, the latter of which seeming to require hundreds of thousands to millions of Sanctums to maintain. Most of this wealth is presumed to be either from trading with the world at large through the port of Sanctuary, take by the Hell Hunters during their raids on the underworlds, or donations to their cause from thankful citizens all around the world. None of this wealth, however, goes towards Order themself, instead going on to fund global efforts through their organization, foregoing any form of personal payments or lifestyle.
Current Location
Year of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
Presumed to be in the Dark Age tunnels beneath Sancturalore.
Current Residence
Their headquarters in The Crown of the World.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5' 8" (1.7m)
187lbs (84kg)
Known Languages
It is unknown if Order actually speaks to those who seem to understand them, though said individuals generally seem capable of understanding Order's wishes despite any language barrier or distance between the two, or even the many that Order seeks to commune with.
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