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The city of Sanctuary is one of the only settlements located on Sancturalore and exists primarily as a center for trade and commerce, especially for both air and sea vessels making a trek across the globe. It also serves as the primary tourist hub for the continent as all tourism comes through its ports and is generally based here. It should also be noted that Sanctuary is known to be a hub for adventurers as numerous individuals seek to gather a party and make a name for themselves.


Approximately seventy-percent of the population consists of Aloreans, with another twenty-percent being that of Urbo-kin. Additionally, there exists an enclave of Dellvo-kin in the city's northern region where its boundaries meet with the mountains, which consists of around three-percent of the populous, while another six-percent consists of Aquo-kin, and the final one-percent made up of other species, even the odd Oro-kin or two.


The government of Sanctuary is run by the authority of its appointed governor, appointed as such by Order themselves from the populous of the city. This method of direct appointment ensures that a proper individual is placed in power to protect the public's interest. From there, the governor runs the day-to-day operations of the city itself, though usually does so through several specialized departments to ensure some manner of efficiency. Rule of Law is enforced through a volunteer militia and crimes are judged in trials overseen by officials of the courts, though should a crime be heinous enough, Order may deem it necessary to directly intervene in the interest of their people.


The city is almost entirely protected by natural barriers, with the ocean that facilitates its trade to the south and the mountain ranges of Sancturalore to the north and east, which aside from tourist mountain trails, effectively cuts it off from The Breach. A large, man-made defensive wall then closes the city on the west, with assorted gates allowing access to the country beyond.

Industry & Trade

The city of Sanctuary is all about trade as it is the main factor in its economy, as it lies in the center of the world's sea trade path. The majority of the populous is employed around this aspect, with around sixty-five percent in jobs directly concerning trade, such as shipwrights and dockhands, an additional twenty-percent employed in the city's fishing efforts, another five-percent in government and the militia, and the remainder of the populous employed in artisan or crafting work and freelance mercenary or bounty hunting.


The infrastructure of Sanctuary is vast, though is primarily concerned with the maintenance of its docks and seaside trade presence. That being said, a vast majority of the city's southern portion is comprised of its docks and piers, as well as warehouses, taverns, shops, fishing enterprises, and even some merchant guild headquarters. In the center of the city lies the city hall as well as other governmental buildings. To the east and west of that are numerous merchant stalls and stores for a variety of items, and to the north lies most of the residential areas for the city. Outside of the city limits, though not necessarily outside the jurisdiction of the city, lie landmarks of the Alorean First Era, such as The Crown of the World and The Breach.


The primary assets of Sanctuary are its both its seaports and airports, the latter of which consisting mainly of landing pads for vertical ascent craft. These are the means by which Sanctuary facilitates its vast, trade-based economy. These are also the means by which the tourism aspect is managed, as the vast ports provide ample space for ships to come and go every hour of the day with little stoppage, if any. From there, the city possesses a vast fleet of seaborne trading vessels, as well as a fishing fleet to provide for its population.

Guilds and Factions

The primary faction that oversees Sanctuary is Order, with a number of different merchant firms and guilds operating in the southern districts.


Sanctuary was the first settlement on the small continent of Sancturalore, and was founded by the first Aloreans during The Reclamation as The Four Great Heroes went on to combat the demon hordes on the other continents. Until such a time as the end of The Reclamation, Sanctuary was a small village on the south of Sancturalore, though once the other four great countries were established in the years to come, and the Heroic Golden Age came into full swing, Sanctuary grew to the size we see today. As with all settlements on the surface during the First Calamity, Sanctuary was abandoned by its people, who fled the demons back into The Breach until Order banished Balraious-Kaneig from this world, after which Sanctuary regained its status as the central trading center of the world.


Sanctuary is surrounded by natural barriers, with an ocean to the south, mountain ranges to the north and east, and plains, forest, and a plateau to the west.

Natural Resources

Due to a ruling by Order themselves, the entire continent of Sancturalore is off-limits to the harvesting of natural resources other than local wildlife for the sustenance of the population. Exceptions can be made to this rule in the case of deep underground mining efforts that will not disturb the surface landscape, but all requests as such must be directed to and approved by Order.
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