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The Aquo-kin, or sea elves as they are commonly called, are a subset of elf who live primarily in either aquatic or semi-aquatic environments, seeming to stem from Aloreans living in similar areas. With fins of varying colors and adaptive gills to breathe in air or water, the Aquo-kin are nearly essential for the survival of sea-based trading posts, settlements, and cities, and are valued as such for their expertise in navigating the waves, be it simple rivers to the open seas.

Basic Information


An Aquo-kin appears as humanoid in general terms, though possess features that differentiate them from other humanoids. They are generally somewhat taller than Aloreans though not as much as Urbo-kin. What truly sets them apart are numerous, retractable fins set upon their arms, legs, and spine which give them the ability to swim in water just as well as a fish could, as well as sets of gills along both sides of their necks. Additionally, their bodies lack hair of any type, save that which tops their heads. They also possess the elven features of long, pointy ears, though the ears of Aquo-kin are longer than most other elves, and are curved in a downward crescent.

Biological Traits

Aquo-kin are water dwelling creatures, and thusly have adapted to suit their environment. As such, their bodies feature heavy, flowing curves to make them more hydrodynamic. This property generally gives them similar body shapes to that of Urbo-kin, which generally makes them appear more attractive to other species.

Genetics and Reproduction

Aquo-kin are sexual creatures, and thus require both a male and a female to reproduce. However, as with nearly all elven species, pregnancy only occurs with a seven percent chance. Once pregnancy begins, a gestation period of approximately one month occurs, after which the female will retreat to a secure location, usually in shallow waters or underwater grottoes, to lay an egg in said location. Once this process is done, the mother watches over the egg until it hatches about ten to twelve months later. There are no recorded instances of an Aquo-kin producing multiple offspring in a single egg clutch.

Growth Rate & Stages

Upon hatching, an Aquo-kin matures at a rate slower than that of an Alorean. Upon maturation of approximately twenty to twenty-one years, an Aquo-kin's aging slows to a similar degree to that of Dellvo-kin, giving an average Aquo-kin a maximum lifespan of around one-thousand to one-thousand, three-hundred years.

Ecology and Habitats

Aquo-kin are typically water dwelling creatures, and prefer to be near a large body of water for ease of hunting and gathering sea-life, and for reproduction. It is rare to see an Aquo-kin around three miles away from the nearest lake-sized body of water, as many of their lively functions require such a body of water.

Dietary Needs and Habits

An average Aquo-kin will generally require slightly more intake than that of an average Alorean, about 2700-3450 calories per day, though they only require water intake if they are out of water for a period of three hours, at which point they will gradually require about three times the water of an Alorean. Diets of higher calorie counts are fairly common to the general nature of their people as guides and protectors of ships at sea.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

A standard Aquo-kin possesses features described as somewhat elven in general terms, though less so than other elven races, such as mostly smooth, curvaceous features and having their ears elongated and pointed.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Aquo-kin are aquatic creatures by nature, and thus can almost exclusively be found in large bodies of water, essentially anything of general lake size or more will most likely harbor Aquo-kin. For the most part however, most Aquo-kin can be found in conjunction with the largest Alorean settlements located on coastlines.

Average Intelligence

A typical Aquo-kin will generally possess intelligence similar to that of an Alorean, though higher and lower accounts have been documented.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

An Aquo-kin will typically possess senses that improve upon those possessed by Aloreans with some additional capabilities. Namely, their eyes are capable of seeing in complete darkness while underwater, though this ability does not seem to translate to other forms of darkness, and while underwater, their sense of hearing and smell is drastically improved. Additionally, Aquo-kin possess a form of echolocation which only functions underwater, which can allow them to get their barrings in open water. All of these abilities can be honed with training to produce incredible effects.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Aquo-kin find themselves wonderfully capable in the areas of seaborne trade and especially in navigation, and usually become drawn to positions in those fields. Other than their interaction with the surface races, they maintain their own civilization under the waves.

Beauty Ideals

Aquo-kin ideals vary from individual to individual, though most tend to see pronounced curvature to be more attractive, which leads to many interspecies relations between Aquo-kin and Urbo-kin. Additionally, there exists a general preference for coloration in their own people, as most Aquo-kin find fin colorations resembling the deep oceans to be far more appealing than otherwise, the forefront of which of course being beep blue.

Gender Ideals

Aquo-kin ideals vary from individual to individual, though as with all elves, many males of their people see a reliably fertile female as the most attractive.

Average Technological Level

Aquo-kin typically possess similar levels of technological and magical advancement to their Alorean counterparts, though they tend to integrate other technologies much more eagerly than other species.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Aquo-kin tend to learn both Alorean and their racial tongue: Aquos, though some may learn additional languages.

Common Etiquette Rules

Aquo-kin etiquette is typically referred to as "refined-brashness," as most Aquo-kin appear as eager and curious spirits wanting to learn everything they can about their environments.

Common Dress Code

The Aquo-kin as a species possess alternate body parts not normally found on other sapient species, and thusly require a unique form of attire that possesses narrow slits throughout the garments which allows for their fins to be extended for traversing the waves. This usually means they wear short and or revealing garments in order to facilitate this. This has spawned a form of high fashion in some Urbo-kin circles, only serving to further enamor them in the eyes of the Aquo-kin.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Aquo-kin culture is based around being flexible and adaptable, much like the waves they tend to inhabit. This serves to be both a benefit and detriment to their people, as the most curious of their people often find themselves in bad places or positions, though their adaptable nature helps them to get out of this more often than not.

Common Taboos

Aquo-kin taboos are in general terms very loose, and allow for an amount of freedom not seen in most other societies. Though, as with many elven races, traditional taboos are typically based around the continuation of their race, and as such it is typically a requirement of female Aquo-kin to have a sexual partner in some way, be it a married partner or otherwise. It is highly irregular and/or suspicious for a female Aquo-kin to be either without child, or without attempts being made to be with child.


As with almost all other humanoid species, the Aquo-kin stem from Aloreans as a form of subspecies. Their kind was discovered shortly after the Second Reclamation, where a few individuals of their kind were falsely reported as a new type of seaborne demon. Thankfully, a few diplomats managed to introduce their people to Alorean society and avoid an armed conflict. Apparently, the ancestors of their race fled beneath the waves rather than underground to wait out the First Calamity, leading to their eventual adaptation into the modern Aquo-kin.

Historical Figures

Aquo-kin, as with many other species, hold far more emphasis on The Four Great Heroes over other historical figures, specifically due to their general openness and acceptance of, for instance, The Doeveiga.

Common Myths and Legends

Aquo-kin generally hold The Four Great Heroes as the basis for their explorative and adaptive nature. Through this general openness, they hope to create a world more open for creativity and ideas.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Aquo-kin tend to foster good relations with all people they come across. This may lead many into the trap of believing them to be naive, though they mostly tend to be good-willed, more concerned with learning and understanding different people than waging wars against them. This leads to a general acceptance from them of The Doeveiga, whose outcast nature has long been the subject of fascination for the Aquo-kin.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Elf Type
Average Height
5' 10" - 6' 8" (1.8 - 2.0m)
Average Weight
176 - 210lbs (79 - 95kg)
Average Physique
A typical Aquo-kin possesses a similar physique to that of an Urbo-kin, though they are noticeably more lithe and lean than an Urbo-kin of similar build.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
A typical Aquo-kin will generally possess a skin tone that matches the soil seen beneath most shallow waters of the locale they inhabit. Thusly, most Aquo-kin possess a tone of pearlescent white to match with shore sand. Additionally, their fins tend to possess coloration that resembles the waters they inhabit, and the webbing being of a slightly lighter variation. For instance, an Aquo-kin that inhabits ocean waters may develop deep blue coloration, while an Aquo-kin that inhabits a jungle lake or swamplands may develop a form of lime green coloration.


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