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Vampires are a form of demon originally resulting from the experiments of a lone Pride demon who wished to become eternally powerful. No recorded evidence exists of this "first" vampire, but the spawn it left behind offer the proof of its existence. Deceptive, seductive, and extremely lethal, vampires represent a significant enough threat to most nations for said nations to take any hint of an organized vampire menace with extreme severity.   The Doeveigan variety of Vampires are commonly referred to as "blood-born."

Basic Information


Vampires are morphologically the exact same as the creature it spawned from (which will now be refered to as the base creature), the only differences thereof being vastly increased strength, speed, and reflexes, as well as a toughened hide, retractable claws, a pale complexion, nearly universally luminecent crimson eyes, and a mouth lined with inch-long fangs capable of piercing the toughest of natural hides and even some armors that replace the base creature's teeth.

Biological Traits

Vampires are, within respect for the base creature it spawned from, relatively identical to one another. Differences thereof generally result from differences in the original creature, rather than differences caused by Vampirism.

Genetics and Reproduction

Vampires are a strange case, capable of reproducing through sexual means with others of their kind, as well as producing spawn through interaction with uncorrupted beings. When through means of sexual intercourse, pregnancy occurs with a forty-five percent chance in most cases. A gestation period of roughly ten to twelve months will follow, after which a single offspring will be produced. There have been no recorded cases of Vampires producing more than one offspring in a single birthing. Vampires spawned in this way are considered true Vampires, and are generally hostile, as with generic Vampires.   If through interaction with uncorrupted beings, the only way spawn can be created in this case is if the Vampire's blood makes its way into the victims bloodstream, which then causes the transformation. No records exist to determine the exact amount of Vampiric blood required for this, but it is speculated that as few as four drops of blood can cause the transformation. However, even in cases where a full liter of blood is transfused into the victim, there is still only a fifty percent chance that the victim will undergo transformations. Upon such a transformation occurring, the victim will be considered a Doeveigan Vampire - also known as blood-born - as the mind of the victim is usually left intact.

Growth Rate & Stages

Vampires spawned through sexual intercourse mature at a rate similar to that of an Urbo-kin to a maturation year of around twenty one to twenty three. However, as with all demons, a Vampire will become Immutable thereafter, so long as it feeds enough to continue existing.   A Vampire spawned through interaction with uncorrupted beings will either progress to a state of maturation, maintain a state of maturation, or regress to the state of maturation depending on the age of the afflicted individual. This process is not instantaneous, rather is induced by the natural feeding of the new Vampire. At such a point where the state of maturation is achieved, the Vampire will then become immutable.

Ecology and Habitats

True Vampires are typically isolated hunters who prowl at the edges of civilizations, picking off what sparse feedings they can manage. These hunters are typically tracked down and destroyed by mercenaries and bounty hunters. However, when organized instances of true Vampires are discovered, immediate and severe action is put into place for the destruction of such cases.   Doeveigan Vampires are accepted somewhat into modern society, though the loathing presented to The Doeveiga by the majority of Aloreans typically push Doeveigan Vampires to the fringes of society. Those that do reside in the world's cities are constantly in the crosshairs of hateful organizations, though those that stay seem to be resolute in their positions as equals to others in society.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Vampires are unique in the form that they feed as a humanoid species. Vampires sustain themselves solely on the blood, flesh, and bone marrow of other creatures. This gives cause to their Immutable status, as well as their danger, as Vampires are known to completely drain a victim in mere seconds once a sufficient blood flow has been established. This has caused many Aloreans, whether it be rightful or not, to fear Vampires for this singular feat alone. If a Vampire is to go for five days without sufficient feeding, withdraws begin to set in, ranging anywhere from minor tremors and shakes to aggression and full-on feeding rampages.   It appears that Doeveigan Vampires are capable of stalling the effects of withdraws by consuming artificially created blood sources, created by either technological or alchemical means. Though this provides the Vampire with sustenance, it does not increase their power.

Additional Information

Social Structure

True Vampires are typically solitary creatures, content to hunt in silence from one another. When such Vampires gather into an organized body, they tend to create plans to sow chaos throughout civilization in an effort to cause it to falter, thus giving them an opportunity to take as many feedings and prisoners as possible to further their causes.   Doeveigan Vampires generally seek the outskirts of society, where they find work as executioners or bounty hunters so they can feed in a public light without sparking too much trouble from the people they live alongside. Such Vampires in large cities or metropolises tend to find similar work, though are common targets for hateful attitudes.

Facial characteristics

Vampires posses similar characteristics of the species that they were spawned from, save that over time they usually adapt into forms that most others of that species would find attractive to have generally wider access to possible victims.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Vampires exist anywhere where their kind are discovered, though more numerous populations of Vampires generally give rise to higher transformation rates as well.

Average Intelligence

Vampires tend to possess the same level of intelligence as the creature they were spawned from, otherwise possessing levels of intelligence higher than the Alorean standard.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Vampires possess all the same perceptive abilities as the base creature, save for drastically enhanced eye-sight, sense of smell, taste, and the ability to detect spilled blood by scent for about a quarter-mile (0.4km) of distance in air, and five-miles (8km) in water.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Vampires have no major organizations of their own, though do make up a significant number of members to organizations that focus on Doeveigan civil rights. True Vampire organizations are rightfully feared and hunted to death as soon as possible.

Beauty Ideals

Vampires typically hold similar ideals to the creatures that spawned them.

Gender Ideals

Vampires typically hold similar ideals to the creatures that spawned them.

Average Technological Level

Vampires usually hold a similar level of technology to other sapient races, though tend to rely more on their more than adequate natural abilities than anything else. However, specific instances of Vampires known to use terrifying weapons have been recorded.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Vampires typically speak the same languages of the society that the base creature that spawned them spoke.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Vampire culture is more than odd to an outside view, with most depictions created by their kind influenced by their eternal hunger in some way.


Vampires are speculated to have derived from a single source: an experiment conducted by a megalomaniacal Pride demon wishing to become eternally powerful going terribly wrong. The resulting being, the so-called "first" Vampire, escaped into the wilderness and through identified or unidentified means created its spawn, which now have been seeded across the globe. Modern Vampires are seemingly no less deadly than their historical counterparts, but their Doeveigan spawn are becoming more and more accepted as citizens in modern society.

Common Myths and Legends

Doeveigan Vampires are known to repeatedly cite the generosity of The Four Great Heroes as proof that their kind can and should be accepted by modern society.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

True Vampires see other species as cattle to be tamed, domesticated, and farmed for the resources they would provide for their species. This fact has been observed and recorded in many instances of True Vampire organizations, and the barbaric and inhumane nature of such intentions leading to the decision to cull such organizations wherever they are found.   Doeveigan Vampires, much like other Doeveiga, are viewed by many other species for their capacity for violence and mass deaths. As such, Doeveigan Vampires typically form very few solid relations with other races, with exceptions being recorded as with every case.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Demon Hybrid
Vampires are immutable, meaning that as long as they continue to feed they are immune to the effects of age.
Average Height
Varies based on base creature, though those produced through sexual means rather than transfusion generally comply with the standard averages of the base creatures.
Average Weight
Varies based on base creature, though those produced through sexual means rather than transfusion generally comply with the standard averages of the base creatures.
Average Physique
Vampires are always described as physically fit and toned, typically more so than whatever base creature they were spawned from.


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