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Vohevrodals are man-sized, four-armed Wrath demons that attack in large, typically unorganized swarms. They are generally the base of a demon invasion due to their numbers, viciousness, and disposable nature. Essentially unintelligent, Vohevrodals are easily controlled by larger, more powerful demons through shows of strength or subtle manipulation, both of which they are exceptionally vulnerable to. In fact, many towns or villages have actually been saved by a powerful Doeveiga living amongst their people, capable of showing these creatures strength their previous demonic overlords are not able to match, then sending them back against said demon overlords, though this is a rare case.

Basic Information


Vohevrodals are generally humanoid in shape, though possess additional features to the norm such as a pair of wings upon their backs, a set of horns upon their heads which sweep upwards from the forehead, and an additional set of arms beneath the primary pair. They also generally posses a maw of fangs, not unlike Vampires, as well as large pointed ears. The innards of a Vohevrodal depict it as an efficient killing machine, as it possesses a boy composed purely of muscle and nerves, including a brain, as well as a Wrath core where a normal Alorean's heart would be.

Biological Traits

Vohevrodals appear to have male and female variations between associated individuals, though these differences appear to serve no real function. All standard Vohevrodals appear to be physically the same, though experienced individuals appear to increase in size as well as cognitive function.

Genetics and Reproduction

Vohevrodals are Wrath demons and thusly possess two means of reproduction, one through the interaction between demon and sapient race, and one through the actions of said sapient races. If a Vohevrodal incapacitates a humanoid creature - usually through means that result in death from blood loss - and said creature does not die from its wounds, it has a high percent chance to turn into a Doeveigan Scythe, which is categorized in a separate entry.   As with all demon types, sapient beings can also be transformed through exposure to demonic energy either through their own actions or through exposure to demon plagues. In both cases, the resulting spawn are considered to be true demons, as they lack the humanity of an intact mind.

Growth Rate & Stages

Not much is known about the life cycle of true Vohevrodals, as the only types generally seen on the surface are the fully matured variants, though the Doeveigan process has been well documented. It is presumed that Vohevrodals are spawned in the underworld through some means, perhaps by means of altered Succubi, though even with investigations by the Hell Hunters themselves this has not been confirmed. It is also presumed that Vohevrodals mature very quickly, much like other demons.   Doeveigan Scythes that have been turned by Vohevrodals appear to rise mere hours after the initial contact as such, possessing features inherent to that species.

Ecology and Habitats

Vohevrodals are commonly viewed by surface dwelling societies as a plague upon the lands, as evidence of their woefully destructive habitation can be found all across the world, inflicting pain and sorrow across seemingly all continents.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Vohevrodals subsist on the essence of destruction acquired by the direct action of seemingly senseless aggression. This gives cause to their Immutable status. A Vohevrodal can go for approximately two or three days before suffering withdraws. Manifestations of these withdraws result in the increase of their mindless nature and an entering into a form of berserk rage, enacting aggression on anything and everything nearby, though at this point only the slaughter of living creatures can end the sate of withdraw.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Vohevrodals possess sharp, angular, and jagged features almost like blades unto themselves. They possess seemingly permanently squinted eyes without pupils, and sharply pointed ears, more so than any known elven race.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Vohevrodals can be found infesting nearly every continent on the globe, and prefer locations somewhat near small settlements for ease of feeding.

Average Intelligence

The standard Vohevrodal appears to be unintelligent, though older and more powerful individuals can develop a strategic intelligence if they can survive long enough.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Vohevrodals appear to possess the same sensory capabilities as a standard Alorean, save the removal of the so-called Alorean danger-sense. However, as their senses are more tuned for hunting and slaying, the senses of a Vohevrodal are honed to a much sharper degree when on the hunt, which is a nearly constant endeavor.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

Vohevrodals, like all demon species, are commonly seen by the surface dwelling civilizations to be parasitic in nature, as it seems they are only capable of fully existing thanks to the vast abundance of sapient beings.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Wrath Demon
Vohevrodals are immutable, meaning that as long as they continue to feed they are immune to the effects of age.
Average Height
Base height: 5' 7" (1.7m). Larger variations have been documented, though are rare considering the rate at which Vohevrodals are slain.
Average Weight
Base weight: 196lbs (89kg). Larger variations have been documented, though are rare considering the rate at which Vohevrodals are slain.
Average Physique
Vohevrodals are almost entirely comprised of muscle and therefore are drastically more physically fit and capable than the average Alorean.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Vohevrodals usually possess unnatural skin tones, ranging in the deep red or purple spectrums, though there do exist variants that were green or even pitch black.


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