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The Urbo-kin, or high elves as they are commonly called, are a strange subset of elf who stem from generations of city dwelling Aloreans. Although their existence has long proved baffling to scientists and scholars world-wide - along with the implications imposed by such existence - a few things are commonly known about them: tallest of the elven races, the Urbo-kin seem to be uniquely suited to the streets of great Alorean cities.

Basic Information


An Urbo-kin appears as humanoid in general terms. In fact, to the uninformed, they appear as much taller Aloreans with long, pointy ears.

Biological Traits

Urbo-kin are city dwelling creatures, and their forms have been apparently adapted to conform to the physical ideals of those also dwelling within the same cities, generally leading them to be highly attractive to the majority of people. Although the exact nature of their existence is unclear, what is clear is that Aloreans that exist in cities for numerous generations are not ensured to eventually create Urbo-kin.

Genetics and Reproduction

Urbo-kin are sexual creatures, and thus require both a male and a female to reproduce. However, as with nearly all elven species, pregnancy only occurs with a seven percent chance. Once pregnancy begins, a gestation period ranging anywhere from twelve to twenty-three months will follow, after which only a single offspring is produced. There are no recorded instances of an Urbo-kin producing multiple offspring in a single birthing.

Growth Rate & Stages

Upon birth, an Urbo-kin matures at a rate slower than most other species. Upon maturation of approximately twenty-seven to thirty-one years, an Urbo-kin's aging slows dramatically more so than even an Alorean's, giving an average Urbo-kin a maximum lifespan of around one-thousand, two-hundred to one-thousand, seven-hundred years.

Ecology and Habitats

Urbo-kin are by all means and description, majorly city-folk, remaining in cities for most if not all of their lives. It is rare to see an Urbo-kin outside of a city, especially in the case of adventuring. Urbo-kin typically have an understanding (or over-vigilance) of the outside world that few others can match, leading to their content to hold stable lives within the walls of their homes.

Dietary Needs and Habits

An average Urbo-kin will generally require slightly more of an intake than the average Alorean, about 2750-3525 calories per day, with an equal supplement of water. Diets of higher calorie counts are fairly uncommon due to the generally stable lives most Urbo-kin lead, though the more adventurous examples, or those who have established supernatural abilities will usually require more to function properly.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

A standard Urbo-kin possesses features described as somewhat elven in general terms, though less so than other elven races, such as mostly smooth, curvaceous features and having their ears elongated and pointed.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Urbo-kin are almost exclusively found within cities, although cities world-wide are known to have large populations of Urbo-kin. And while certainly rare, instances of adventuring Urbo-kin have also been recorded.

Average Intelligence

A typical Urbo-kin generally possesses a higher degree of intelligence than a typical Alorean, ranging from slightly above average to greatly above average, though lower instances have also been recorded.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

A typical Urbo-kin will have senses identical to that of Aloreans, save for the addition of a strange sense of locational awareness whenever they are within the confines of a city, even one they have no prior knowledge about. This allows an Urbo-kin to always know their direction in any city, an ability that has been the annoyance of many law enforcement attempting to track them, as they seem to know every inch of the city's likely numerous potential hiding spots and escape routes.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Urbo-kin find themselves uniquely capable when immersed in the governments of powerful nations, advocating for balance amongst nations when it comes to everything from economies to demonic invasion preparations.

Beauty Ideals

Urbo-kin ideals vary from individual to individual, though many find pronounced figures - be they firm or curvaceous - to be definitively far more attractive.

Gender Ideals

Urbo-kin ideals vary from individual to individual, though as with all elves, many males of their people see a reliably fertile female as the most attractive.

Average Technological Level

The Urbo-kin generally mimic their Alorean counterparts in this regard, and are usually involved in efforts to further augment their society as a whole, be it through technology, magic, or otherwise.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Urbo-kin tend to learn both Alorean and their racial tongue: Urbos, though many with particularly keen minds tend to learn multiple more.

Common Etiquette Rules

Urbo-kin etiquette is usually described as highly refined, and includes sophisticated manners in every situation.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Urbo-kin culture is usually molded around whatever other people inhabit the cities in which they live, tending to be depicted as the same culture, only highly refined to a form of elegance which typically becomes their own unique culture.

Common Taboos

Urbo-kin taboos tend to mimic those of the culture surrounding them, though Urbo-kin appear more likely to adhere to those taboos than even those whose cultures created them. In addition, as with many elven races, traditional taboos are typically based around the continuation of their race, and as such it is typically a requirement of female Urbo-kin to have a sexual partner in some way, be it a married partner or otherwise. It is highly irregular and/or suspicious for a female Urbo-kin to be either without child, or without attempts being made to be with child.


As with almost all other humanoid species, the Urbo-kin stem from Aloreans as a form of subspecies, though their prominence amongst most, if not all, cities across the world has certainly not been ignored. While scientists and scholars are uncertain as to what exact conditions would cause the existence of the Urbo-kin, their excellence in civilized manners, such as trade, politics, and foreign relations has provided many cities with far better economies than they would have otherwise. It should also be noted that while Urbo-kin are most common in large cities and metropolises, some are born to people, including Aloreans, living in other sized settlements like villages or towns.

Historical Figures

Urbo-kin have numerous historical figures, mostly in the fields of politics and economics, though they place great emphasis on The Four Great Heroes.

Common Myths and Legends

Urbo-kin lean heavily on the tale of The Four Great Heroes, citing this as an example of the greatness lying dormant in the average person. Through their efforts, the Urbo-kin as a people intend to cultivate such virtues in those around them.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Most Urbo-kin tend to view other species with aloof kindness and pleasantries, and while there is not typically malevolence within these greetings, some seem to think of the Urbo-kin as condescending. However, this form of attitude is almost completely ignored by The Doeveiga, who the Urbo-kin see as a forsaken people eager to get back into the good graces of the Aloreans.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Elf Type
1020-1460 years, though their maximum is approximately 1700 years. This disparity is caused by their inherent knowledge of city structures, as well as their general desire for stability.
Average Height
6' 3" - 7' 5" (1.91 - 2.26m)
Average Weight
190 - 231lbs (86 - 104kg)
Average Physique
A typical Urbo-kin possesses a more curvaceous physique to that of an Alorean of the same build, though unlike other elves, their forms are not more lithe and lean than their Alorean counterparts.


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