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The Dellvo-kin, or deep elves as the are commonly called, are an elven race who derive their origins from Aloreans who remained underground for many generations. Although their existence has long proved baffling to scientists and scholars world-wide - along with the implications imposed by such existence - a few things are commonly known about them: stoutest of the elven races, the Dellvo-kin are masters of large stone strongholds, and crafters of Artum that few could hope to match.

Basic Information


A Dellvo-kin appears as short, stout humanoids, with substantial bulk in every facet of their physiology. They are generally shorter than Aloreans, and typically more muscular. They also possess the elven features of long, pointy ears, though the ears of Dellvo-kin are curved in the shape of an upwards crescent.

Biological Traits

Dellvo-kin possess forms capable of navigating smaller locals, which often proves to their benefit in the caves and caverns of their homes, and their tenacity and expertise in such environments and situations gives additional credence to the goods their kind produce. Additionally, male Dellvo-kin are known to have grand and majestic beards or facial hair.

Genetics and Reproduction

Dellvo-kin are sexual creatures, and thus require both a male and a female to reproduce. However as with nearly all elven species, pregnancy only occurs with a seven percent chance. Once pregnancy begins, a gestation period ranging from ten to twelve months with follow, after which only a single offspring is produced. There are no recorded instances of an Dellvo-kin producing multiple offspring in a single birthing.

Growth Rate & Stages

Upon birth, a Dellvo-kin matures at rate slower than other species. Upon maturation of approximately twenty to twenty-four years, a Dellvo-kin's aging slows more so than the typical Alorean, though not as much as an Urbo-kin, giving an average lifespan of around one-thousand to one-thousand, four-hundred years.

Ecology and Habitats

Dellvo-kin are creatures developed for their habitat, being underground caverns, which involves their shorter statures and higher lung efficiency. Dellvo-kin are rare outside their strongholds or accompanying cities, save for diplomats and traders. Though, given the fact that people will often travel across the world just for Dellvo-kin goods, traders are often just as rare as the rest of their kind.

Dietary Needs and Habits

An average Dellvo-kin will generally require more of an intake than the average Alorean, about 3120-3750 calories per day, with an equal supplement of water. Diets of higher calorie counts are fairly common, given the amount of skilled Artum users among their ranks.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

A standard Dellvo-kin will possess generally elven features, but will have more straight features than curved or angular, as well as having their kind's crescent pointed ears. The males of the species also commonly possess beards of various sizes as a form of uniqueness of personality.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Dellvo-kin are almost exclusively found within their strongholds, though a small portion of their kind can be found in the cities that typically sprout up around their stronghold, and a miniscule portion of their kind can be found as adventurers.

Average Intelligence

A typical Dellvo-kin will possess standard to higher than standard intelligence when compared to Aloreans. This general intelligence is improved significantly when applied to economic concerns or matters of forging or the Artum school.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

A typical Dellvo-kin will have senses identical to that of Aloreans, save for the addition of an ability to sense the earth around them. In addition to their ability to see despite lack of light, when surrounded by stone, Dellvo-kin are capable of sensing vibrations in said stone. This ability can be trained to improve its accuracy and range.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Dellvo-kin found large underground cities that can provide other major nations with large amounts of raw materials, finished goods, and other valuables. There does not seem to be a collection of their people that does not operate in such a manner.

Beauty Ideals

Dellvo-kin ideals can vary from individual to individual, though a few commonalities exist, such as a strong build or an equally strong character.

Gender Ideals

Dellvo-kin ideals vary from individual to individual, though as with all elves, many males of their people see a reliably fertile female as the most attractive.

Average Technological Level

The Dellvo-kin generally possess a technological level equal to or greater than their Alorean neighbors, especially in the terms of Maijure or the Artum school.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Dellvo-kin tend to learn both Alorean and their racial tongue: Dellvos, though rarely some members of their kind learn additional languages.

Common Etiquette Rules

Dellvo-kin etiquette is commonly viewed by outsiders - especially Urbo-kin - as rowdy and obnoxious, as their kind typically enjoys strong drink and equally strong opponents.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Dellvo-kin culture is very isolationist when compared to other races, especially when concerning demons or the Doeveiga. In fact, it is said that the only people considered "outsiders" - people of other races - that are allowed inside their massive stronghold cities are either heroes or diplomats. Under no circumstances are Doeveiga allowed into the cities, even if they are diplomats or even great heroes due to their adherence to their ancestors traditions and beliefs.

Common Taboos

Dellvo-kin taboos are entirely based upon the beliefs of their ancestors. They are wary of outsiders and especially untrustworthy of The Doeveiga. Under no circumstances are any Doeveiga, or anyone possessing features common to demons, allowed into their strongholds, as per the traditions of their ancestors. In addition, as with many elven races, traditional taboos are typically based around the continuation of their race, and as such it is typically a requirement of female Dellvo-kin to have a sexual partner in some way, be it a married partner or otherwise. It is highly irregular and/or suspicious for a female Dellvo-kin to be either without child, or without attempts being made to be with child.


As with almost all other humanoid species, the Dellvo-kin stem from Aloreans as a form of subspecies, beginning from Aloreans during the Alorean First Era who were overly cautious and isolationist against all demons, even The Doeveiga. It is for this reason that the ancestors of the Dellvo-kin built the first of their kind's ancient stone strongholds, and eventually came to bring the Dellvo-kin into existence.

Historical Figures

Dellvo-kin have a number of famous crafters and warriors, but deem The Four Great Heroes as the best potential their people can strive towards in respect to their physical achievements, though again they tend to leave acceptance of The Doeveiga out of the equation.

Common Myths and Legends

Dellvo-kin rely on the teachings of The Four Great Heroes, though tend to leave even the heroes' acceptance of The Doeveiga out of conversations about them.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Dellvo-kin tend to have good standings with the other races as long as economic ties have not been cut previously. The only exception to this is of course The Doeveiga, as their ancestors traditions hold that The Doeveiga are actually no better than true demons.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Elf Type
910-1145 years, though their maximum is approximately 1400 years. This disparity is due to the fact that Dellvo-kin rarely leave their strongholds.
Average Height
4' 4" - 5' 3" (1.4 - 1.6m)
Average Weight
200 - 240lbs (90 - 108kg)
Average Physique
A typical Dellvo-kin possesses a stouter, broader physique than an Alorean of the same build, unlike other elven races.
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