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Morphaligen, Shapeshifters

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The term Morphaligen refers to a creature of demonic heritage that can change the shape of their body or body parts at will, provided they possess the resources to do so. As a result, it can be difficult to describe their species as a whole, since they can vary so wildly depending on an innumerable amount of factors. And given the relative rarity of these creatures alongside their more secretive nature, data collection has proven especially difficult. Regardless, all currently available information on the subject will be made available below.   UPDATE: With the assistance of a particularly helpful Shapeshifter, additional details have been provided in addition to all previous knowledge.

Basic Information


As the shape of a Morphaligen can vary extremely widely, so can it's anatomy. It's entirely possible that everything known about standard anatomy or morphology simply doesn't apply to them, or that it applies in only very specific cases. However, due to the lack of information, no estimates can truly be provided.   UPDATE: It has been confirmed that Morphaligen do abide by standard rules of morphological physics, though their ability to change their shape has given them "special rules" to abide by. For instance: upon consuming a creature that can breathe fire naturally, like a dragon or drake, they can then create and use that ability just as effectively. It appears that the only limits to be observed are the limits of the being's imagination and the amount of energy at their disposal. Quite curiously, Morphaligen are similar to Vampires in that they do not possess a demonic core, thus helping to their status as a Hybridized demon type.

Biological Traits

All Morphaligen, though their shapes may be entirely different, possess the ability to control their biology - a process that has recently been revealed to be extraordinarily painful. This can result in a shapeshifter falling into a shock coma if they are not careful, or simply remove their ability to feel pain entirely since they are aware of what is happening within their bodies at all times, making the normal pain response redundant. This biological control - if properly fueled - can result in nearly any form the individual desires, only truly limited by their current biological knowledge and their own imagination. The results of this can oftentimes be quite terrifying, everything from turning one's arms into giant blades capable of chopping or slicing creatures in twain, to the ability to spit their own enhanced and highly concentrated acid at foes, to even transforming into a skyscraper sized being with twenty sets of arms - to them, truly anything is possible.   UPDATE: Morphaligen additionally possess the ability to completely regenerate their bodies when they possess sufficient energy, even when their form is completely evaporated or reduced to ash. This process usually requires a large amount of energy proportional to the amount of their body they've lost. Since that process requires large amounts of energy to manifest new limbs, Morphaligen will try to recover lost limbs before regenerating new ones.

Genetics and Reproduction

It is currently unknown how exactly Morphaligen reproduce, though it is speculated that they are connected in some way to Succubi.   UPDATE: Morphaligen are not able to reproduce normally. The only circumstance where they come into existence appears to involve a convergence of numerous types - at least three - of demonic essences. This will typically involve Lust, Wrath, and Gluttony. As a result, it can be presumed that Morphaligen are born in much the same way as Succubi, though only one seems to be born in a single instance.

Growth Rate & Stages

Currently, it is unknown how and in what ways a Morphaligen may change as its life progresses, especially given their abilities. Wild speculation does exist in sparse quantities, though never in enough detail to actual theorize.   UPDATE: Morphaligen - at least in the case of our helpful assistant - follow a similar pattern of growth to that of an Alorean. However, at some point they will discover their abilities, typically after a particularly bad injury. Once this occurs, their form will invariably alter wildly to their desires.

Ecology and Habitats

Morphaligen are presumed to be capable of living in any environment, given there are enough resources to sustain their apatite.   UPDATE: The previous estimations on this field are proven to be correct. So long as there is enough organic material to provide a Morphaligen enough sustenance to fuel their abilities, they are unlikely to relocate.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Due to the nature of their abilities, it can be speculated that a Morphaligen requires an extensive amount of calories to perform and maintain. This is especially the case since their abilities do not appear to be supernatural, rather as an inherent natural ability of theirs.   UPDATE: The abilities of a Morphaligen are indeed a natural occurrence, and occur as a result of their complete control over their own biology. Due to their excessive need for additional material to fuel these abilities - especially some of the more absurd - they have adapted to turn themselves into what is basically a hyper-efficient bio-capacitor, storing excess energy not as fatty tissue, but as "literal energy" (as our helper describes it), in extremely dense cells all throughout their bodies. This means that a Morphaligen - similarly to Gluttony demons - can theoretically consume endless amounts of biomass.   While a Morphaligen can eat near anything due to their gluttonous demonic heritage, it seems that most prefer a carnivorous diet to a vegetarian or even balanced diet.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Morphaligen are near impossible to accurately track, as well as their numbers assumedly being extremely limited. As such, there is no applicable data for either previous, nor updated fields.

Average Intelligence

As seen in our helpful informant, Morphaligen can be extremely intelligent, especially if they are long lived. Although it can be assumed that variation does exist, as with many other species on Alore.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Given their inherent nature, it can be safe to assume that Morphaligen can possess any manner of sensory abilities.   UPDATE: It appears that Morphaligen can adapt their senses to the need at hand. That, as well as being able to recreate the sensory abilities of creatures they have consumed. For instance: if a shapeshifter consumes a creature that can naturally sense others through the vibrations they create in the ground, the Morphaligen can recreate that ability to the same, if not greater effect.

Civilization and Culture

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Morphaligen, even in their vastly limited quantities, are seen in the same light as the Doeveiga, and as such are treated poorly in most communities, though would be more accepted by those who have adapted them into their society.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Hybridized Demon Type, previously Unspecified Demon Type
Morphaligen are immutable due to their inherent biological control, so long as they are continuously fed and not slain in a violent manner.
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Length


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