Alore Possibility and Destruction in Equal Parts

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Alore is a Sci-fi/Fantasy hybrid in which anything could exist, everyone has a story, and anyone can become a legend, be it through the tactical use of superior weapons, mastery over arcane magics, total control of one's aura, manifestation of psychic prowess, a solar birthright, or plain and simple hard work, dedication, and time. These factors mean that, in time, anyone can be remembered, and while some will have innate advantages, that never means those who are willing to work cannot achieve the same. Alore is not for the faint of heart, however. The "civilized" surface world is constantly beset by demonic invasions, fantastic and terrible beasts roam the wilds, and even the most powerful and chivalrous heroes can fall to become the worst of villains. Alore will never be afraid to bare tooth and claw, and be anything but brutally honest.   The constant threat of demon incursions upon the surface leave Alore's people, collectively called Aloreans, to remain ever vigilant to threats on their lives. This has over the generations created a deep and seemingly justified loathing towards demons and their kind. This kind of attitude is exacerbated against The Doeveiga, more commonly referred to as demon hybrids, who by some manner of misfortune were either born as or turned into such beings, and who must constantly battle between the will and humanity of their Alorean side and the body and calling of their demon side. Such personal strife leads many to believe that The Doeveiga are merely demons that haven't fully turned yet - which, in many respects, they are.   This constant state of quasi-turmoil between Alore's people gives light to the nature of their weakness; a weakness that demon lords are all too eager to exploit in an effort to return their kind to the surface and cast Alorean society back into the depths. And in times such as these, Alore is in need of great heroes once more to guide it towards salvation, lest the world that so many died to maintain be cast back into despair.
Alore is undergoing a gradual restructuring process. The full amount of time this will take is unknown, but will be processed on an article by article basis, with an attempted emphasis on quality and interconnectivity.
Legacy content is material which is not currently cannon within the world, but is in the process of being reworked. This does not mean all legacy content will be removed.
Legacy content will be marked as such until it is suitable for reintroduction.