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Aloreans are the humans of Alore. From walking all walks of life, to populating the majority of the world, to becoming some of the world's greatest heroes or worst villains, Aloreans make up the largest population of sapient beings, and are typically the first to respond to the world's problems. In fact, many different sapient species can trace their origins back to an isolated group of Aloreans, exposed to vastly different forces throughout the world.

Basic Information


An Alorean will typically possess a standard humanoid form with four limbs - two arms and two legs - and a head atop its torso. Nearly all Aloreans are in reasonable or above average physical shape, due to the numerous dangers of the world in which they live.

Biological Traits

Aloreans are a standard base-form from which other species can develop. As a result of this, Aloreans can produce offspring with traits beyond a human norm, such as strange hair and eye colors.

Genetics and Reproduction

Aloreans are sexual creatures, and thus require both a male and a female to reproduce. Pregnancy occurs with an eighty percent chance in most Aloreans. A gestation period of roughly seven to eight months will follow, after which typically a single offspring will be produced, though anywhere from two to seven or eight can occur within a single birthing.

Growth Rate & Stages

Upon birth, an Alorean will follow an aging pattern similar to that of humans. However, upon reaching a maturity of seventeen to nineteen years, an Alorean will age at a rate of around twelve-percent of a human's, thus giving a maximum lifespan of around eight-hundred years, though it is extraordinarily rare for an Alorean to reach such a point given the world in which they live.

Ecology and Habitats

Aloreans will typically prefer to live in locations where their kind congregate, such as cities, towns, or villages. This is to facilitate a safe and maintainable lifestyle, as well as having easier access to resources and others of their kind. Aloreans typically seek to better their lives through the implementation of various means, be they technological, magical, or otherwise.

Dietary Needs and Habits

An average Alorean will require approximately 2550-3250 calories each day, as well as a supplement of water to sustain bodily functions. Diets of higher calorie counts are by no means rare, as the specific abilities of individual Aloreans may require more energy to function.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

A standard Alorean possesses similar features and characteristics of an average human, though some may possess strange features such as unnaturally colored hair or eyes.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Aloreans can be found in nearly any part of the world, though prefer areas where their kind congregates.

Average Intelligence

A typical Alorean possesses average to slightly above average human intelligence, though higher and lower cases have been documented.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

An average Alorean will typically possess similar perceptions to that of an average human, save that Aloreans have a distinct sense for physically dangerous stimuli around them, which can alert them to the presence of hostile creatures. This ability can be honed with training, and thusly used to outstanding effects.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Aloreans populate the vast majority of organizations, be they morally sound or questionable. Examples of which are the four primary nations: Tyrralore, Saeralore, Ysrailore, and Gjalvalore.

Beauty Ideals

Alorean ideals can differ greatly from individual to individual, though a number of commonalities exist throughout the species. For instance, a disfigured morphology is typically seen as unpleasant, while symmetrical or near symmetrical features are highly desirable.

Gender Ideals

Alorean ideals vary from individual to individual, though again a number of commonalities exist in this department. For instance, the main commonality seen with both genders is a preference for individuals that are physically capable and possess a strong mind.

Average Technological Level

Alorean technological attainment is highly advanced when compared to humans, be it in the form of actual technology, magic items, or otherwise.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Aloreans will generally speak the standard language, Alorean, though other racial tongues can be learned through exposure and/or practice.

Common Etiquette Rules

Typical etiquette of Alorean society is based upon the principles of The Four Great Heroes, which are similar to that observed in individualistic-based society humans.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Alorean culture varies greatly depending on location, societal preference as to technology or magic, and a number of other factors, such as general disposition of the society in which they are located.

Common Taboos

Alorean society hold few taboos, though the ones it does hold are immensely important. For instance, Alorean society dictates that no attempt to summon demons of any kind must be made at any cost, lest the world come one step closer to another calamity.


Aloreans returned to the surface during the Reclamation at the end of beginning of modern Alorean history, after which they spread across the world like wildfire, establishing themselves as the dominant species. Over time, as their society grew, new humanoid species were discovered, presumably stemming from isolated Alorean populations exposed to various external forces. They remain the dominant species on the planet and seek further advancement of their society through the use and implementation of various abilities, supernatural or otherwise.

Historical Figures

Historical figures of the Alorean people are far to numerous to accurately count here, though The Four Great Heroes - Tyrra, Saera, Ysrai, and Gjalva - are the most iconic.

Common Myths and Legends

Aloreans hold The Four Great Heroes as their greatest and most important legend, as from it stems many of their societal norms and beliefs.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Aloreans are generally pleasant with other humanoid species, though geographical examples of mistrust or hatred between species do exist, as well as a general mistrust of almost any and all Doeveiga.
Scientific Name
60-70 years, though their maximum is approximately 800 years.
Average Height
5' 5" - 6' 3" (1.65 - 1.91m)
Average Weight
132 - 198lbs (60 - 90kg)
Average Physique
A typical Alorean possesses twice the physical prowess of an average human, due to the circumstances of their extraordinary world.
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