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(Legacy Content)

"Great Hero" Gjalva (No last name recorded)

Gjalva was the forth of The Four Great Heroes, polar twin of Saera, and founder of the nation which bares his name: Gjalvalore. His desire to acquire power - both magical and technological - over demons and ambition to cull the demon hordes drove him to the conquest of vast swaths of land in the underground during the Dark Age, lands that would constantly test his ability to maintain dominion over them. When the time came to meet what he ultimately believed to be his destiny, alongside his sister Saera, he eagerly went across the underground to meet with Tyrra and Ysrai to discuss plans to retake the surface.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Gjalva was described as being very well in shape, capable of fighting against demons many times larger than himself for hours at a time. His excellence at many forms of Maijure, namely Detrum and Halum, gives him additional physical capabilities in combat.

Body Features

According to record, Gjalva was said to be relatively unremarkable in terms of body mass, save for somewhat above average muscular features.

Facial Features

Generally, almost in spite of the relatively unremarkable nature of his body, his face was described as unearthly handsome and angelic, similar to descriptions of his sister, Saera.

Identifying Characteristics

Aside from his resemblance to his twin sister, Saera, and the percieved handsomeness of his face, he possesses three distinct scaring patterns across his face - one over his left eye, three vertically across his right jawbone, and one on the right of his forehead - as well as numerous scars across his body from years of front-line combat.

Physical quirks

Was described as preferring the left-hand, though this generally went unnoticed as he often wielded two weapons.

Special abilities

Gjalva was known to possess Maijure capabilities, especially concerning the Detrum and Illusum schools, while also showing proficiency in the Halum school.

Apparel & Accessories

Said to wear a long coat over a pocketed vest, rugged pants, black gloves with the appearance of leather, and heavy boots. He had a single earring on his right ear shaped like a single blue teardrop encased in gold, which is the polar match of the earring his sister wears on her left.

Specialized Equipment

He carried an ornate Magitech revolving pepper-box pistol that he uses in the right hand, alongside an equally ornate, enchanted war-axe that he uses on the right hand.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

According to records, Gjalva was the leader of the militia on the underground island where he and Saera made their home. During such times, he spent countless hours on the front-lines, slaying horde after endless horde of demons in order to protect his people. When backed up by Saera and her Halum magics, he would push into contested territory and claim vast amounts of territory, which would sooner or later be retaken multiple times by either side. And when it came time for him and his twin sister Saera to heed the call of destiny, they wnet and joined with Tyrra and Ysrai to plan for The Reclamation.

Gender Identity

Determined as male.


Determined as straight.


Widely self-trained.


Employed as the leader of front-line militia forces during the Dark Age, though later becomes founder, leader, and guide for Gjalvalore.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Took part in and was a major player of The Reclamation. Was the first person to slay a demon lord. Slayed countless hordes of demons during The Reclamation.

Failures & Embarrassments

None recorded (Assumed lost)

Mental Trauma

Gjalva was said to bind himself to a strict honorific code, which he would abide by at all times. This could hint at possible loss or trauma in his background, though this cannot be confirmed due to loss of records in the First Calamity.

Intellectual Characteristics

Said to be incredibly talented in regards to group or mass tactics and strategies, and was thusly sought after first in regards to front-line decisions. Though, his fierce dedication to his convictions usually handicapped his capabilities in casual conversation.

Morality & Philosophy

Gjalva was known to have a strict set of morals that he would abide by at all times, and proceeds as follows: demons are inherently corrupt and must be cleansed, the people are to be safeguarded from foolish temptations of said corruption, and people corrupted by demons become demons and must be assisted, though if nothing can be done to aid their condition they must be cleansed.


Gjalva was known to both pity and despise The Doeveiga, seeing them as unfortunate souls corrupted by demonic influences or as insurgents of the demon hordes.

Personality Characteristics


Gjalva was driven by an intense hatred of the demon hordes that constantly plagued him and his people and loathed the powerlessness he felt against them, thus spurring his desires for power and control over chaotic life.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Exceptionally skilled in front-line combat and tactics. His actions remained dictated by his strict moral code.

Likes & Dislikes

Enjoyed "cleansing" the world of its demons to ensure the safety of his people. Loathes said demons in nearly every regard.

Virtues & Personality perks

Cunning, ruthless, efficient, and inspiring.

Vices & Personality flaws

Straight-forward, simple, and typically blunt and brutal.

Personality Quirks

Known to stand with confidence, even in dire situations.


His belief of the purity of mind and body leads him to keep everything in his possession immaculately clean.


Family Ties

None Recorded (Assumed lost)

Social Aptitude

Confident during speech, though tends to border on cockiness.


Keeps his left hand on the handle of his axe at all times, ready to draw at a moment's notice.


When speaking, his voice was generally described as overpowering, and his words often ring louder in the ears of listeners than how he speaks.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Great Hero of Alore
1 731
Circumstances of Birth
Circumstances of Death
Death by old age
None recorded (Assumed lost)
Vibrant Blue
Shimmering Blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5' 10" (1.7m)
184lbs (80kg)
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Our society has been threatened by the demonic hordes for far too long. I will be the righteous spear against its horrid tyranny."
Known Languages
As Alorean was the only language of the time, Gjalva only knew such.


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