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The Horrors of the Voru-Gai, the Blast Dragons

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The Horrors of the Voru-Gai, the now extinct Blast Dragons, is a commonly known legend stemming from the culling of said Voru-Gai during the mid Alorean First Era. It was during this time that The Four Great Heroes themselves once more picked up their weapons and went on a warpath against these Blast Dragons, eventually resulting in the genetic augmentation of some dragon species through both magical and technological means, resulting in their wingless counterparts, the Vori, or Drakes - especially the Vori-Gai.


In essence, the Horrors of the Voru-Gai is the tale of the horrifically violent Voru-Gai, or Blast Dragons, which set upon the destruction of Alorean society during the mid Alorean First Era. They were partially successful, though they were quickly stopped and wiped out by The Four Great Heroes, causing the remaining Voru-Gai to instead become Vori-Gai, Blast Drakes, a far more controllable and less intelligent creature. Additionally, the resultant intermingling of Voru and Vori caused additional Vori variations to come into existence over time.

Historical Basis

This myth is based on the actual events which occurred during the Alorean First Era, and took place across the globe. Nearly every country, every grouping of people at the time was and were involved in the mass culling. This is historically proven due to the existence of EVG day, or End of the Voru-Gai day, in which civilizations across the world celebrate the end to another threat.


The myth has become world-wide ever since the actual event itself, as noted by the widely adopted practice of EVG day.

Variations & Mutation

Few variations exist across the world, mostly consisting of which hero did what deed or killed more creatures during the events which mainly cam down to national pride in the people's respective hero of choice, though none of these variations actually changed the mythos in any significant way.

In Literature

The Horrors of the Voru-Gai is historically documented in numerous general history texts and is often the subject of artistic expression in the form of novels and epics, usually aggrandizing The Four Great Heroes.

In Art

Numerous depictions of the events of the culling have been created throughout time, mostly during the Alorean Second Era, and most of which depicting great battles between The Four Great Heroes and the Voru-Gai themselves.
Date of First Recording
Pyrrisday, Voruzel 24, 733 AFE
Date of Setting
Caerday, Ysraizel 5, 652 AFE
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