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(Legacy Content)

"Great Hero" Saera (No last name recorded)

Saera was the third of The Four Great Heroes, polar twin of Gjalva, and founder of the nation which bares her name: Saeralore. Her desire to see her people through The Reclamation and beyond with her Halum mastery seated her as the forefront of healing magics, her mastery of which surpassing even that of Ysrai herself. It was that superior mastery of Halum which made The Four Great Heroes eternal on the battlefield, incapable of falling to even the mightiest of fiends.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Saera was described as being relatively in shape, enough to sprint across miles of land, though this was most likely augmented by her use of the Halum school.

Body Features

According to record, Saera was said to be relatively unremarkable in terms of her body. Her frame seemed to be built to hold a large amount of weight on her upper body, yet such weight never came to be.

Facial Features

Generally, almost in spite of the unremarkable nature of her body, her face was described as unearthly beautiful and angelic, similar to descriptions of her brother, Gjalva. Although, it was also said that Saera nearly never emoted, save for extremely rare circumstances.

Identifying Characteristics

Other than her resemblance to her twin brother, Gjalva, and the perceived beauty in her face, she seemed to be quite uninteresting in terms of features.

Physical quirks

Was described as preferring the left-hand. She tended to walk with the aid of a staff she carried on her person at all times, despite her having no need to do so.

Special abilities

Saera was known for her mythical healing abilities and extensive use of the Halum school, capable of healing wounds and improving the fighting prowess of her allies simultaneously.

Apparel & Accessories

Said to prefer bottom robes, topped with a sleeveless, shoulder-less top. She had a single earring on her left ear shaped like a single blue teardrop encased in gold, which is the polar match of the earring her brother wears on his right.

Specialized Equipment

She carried an ornately carved staff constructed of what seemed to be petrified wood at first, though on closer inspection was merely common stone, topped with a yellow crystal composed of Maijurium.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

According to recovered records, Saera was the primary doctor and healer for the militia on the underground island where she and Gjalva made their home. During such times, she spent hours upon hours tending to the wounded that came back from the demonic fronts, learning to apply her trade and eventually coming to rely on the Halum school for treating especially vicious wounds. Through this hands-on training, she eventually honed her magical studies on specificity, and became the greatest healer known to all of Alore. And when it came time for her and her twin brother Gjalva to heed the call of destiny, they went and joined with Tyrra and Ysrai to plan for The Reclamation.

Gender Identity

Determined as female.


Determined as straight.


Widely self-trained.


Employed as the head healer of all militia forces during the Dark Age, though later becomes founder, leader, and guide for Saeralore.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Took part in and was a major player of The Reclamation. Became the first person to return life to the recently dead, and was capable of healing the wounds of entire armies.

Failures & Embarrassments

None recorded (Assumed lost)

Mental Trauma

Saera was said to be quite cold and distant, even when speaking kindly. This could hint at possible loss or trauma in her background, though this cannot be confirmed due to loss of records in the First Calamity.

Intellectual Characteristics

Said to be very wise, and was often sought out for advice and wisdom. Though, due to her cold exterior, she often pushed others away, even when she was attempting to aid them.

Morality & Philosophy

Saera was known to be logical and calculating, and nearly always had an answer for every dilemma. Like Ysrai, she had a motherly kindness to her which often sent her across the battle-field to the aid of another, often to her own detriment. Though, even when she had lost limbs, she would care for others before herself. She also had an understanding of both technological and magical means of healing wounds, which would manifest later in her nation's acceptance of both technology and magic.


Saera was known to despise sickness and maladies of any kind, and often went out of her way to heal such diseases and afflictions.

Personality Characteristics


Saera was driven by a desire to ensure her people would live to see their families once again, even if it was to only reach the next day.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Supernaturally skilled at treating all manner of wounds. She seemed to struggle with concepts of emotion.

Likes & Dislikes

Enjoys the fulfilment of returning someone to their full strength. Completely loathes senseless death and suffering.

Virtues & Personality perks

Unearthly graceful, kind, inspiring, and wise.

Vices & Personality flaws

Outwardly cold, at times insensitive, logical to a fault.

Personality Quirks

Is known to tilt her head slightly to either side when intrigued.


Due to her profession, she maintains a clean and sterile state on herself and her tools, if any are used.


Family Ties

None recorded (Assumed lost)

Social Aptitude

Oftentimes pragmatic during conversation.


Tends to keep her hands wrapped around her staff.


Her voice is almost monotone when speaking, and her words often ring louder in the ears of listeners than how she speaks.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Great Hero of Alore
1 723
Circumstances of Birth
Circumstances of Death
Death by old age
None recorded (Assumed lost)
Vibrant Blue
Shimmering Blonde
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
5' 10" (1.7m)
178lbs (80kg)
Quotes & Catchphrases
"The harshest of winters are always followed by the warm embrace of spring. I shall be your spring."
Known Languages
As Alorean was the only language of the time, Saera only knew such.


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