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Maijurium is a strange crystal known to possess Maijure enhancing and storing properties, and as such is used in the creation of many magical items, everything from magical foci like staves, wands, rods, rings, and stones to "magical batteries" capable of storing magical essence or even full spells, as well as everything having to do with Magitech.


Material Characteristics

Maijurium is a crystal of varying size and color that is found underground. Its color when naturally discovered is always faded, though when charged with magical potential the color becomes vibrant and bright.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Maijurium possesses the ability to store magical energy in the forms of raw essence or complete spells. This is exceptionally useful for anyone capable of wielding Maijure as the crystal can amplify any magic cast through it as a focus, or store magic for later use, creating the possibility of mass producing situational items. It also seems that the color of the crystals themselves correspond to each of the schools of Maijure: red for Detrum, white for Clairum, silver for Illusum, blue for Fortum, green for Transum, purple for Conjum, yellow for Halum, and gold for Artum.


There exists no known alloys or compounds for which Maijurium is required, as the crystal is most often used in its natural form.

Geology & Geography

Maijurium is most commonly found in Ysrailore, southwestern Saeralore, Northwestern Gjalvalore, and the island of Vyerigal, due to the heavy presence of Maijure in that section of the world. However, it is not extremely rare to find Maijurium in other parts of the world, albeit in not as vast of quantities.

Origin & Source

Maijurium is presumably created from raw magical essence, crystalizing into a physical form underground.

History & Usage


Maijurium has, is, and presumably will always be used in the construction of magical devices, foci, and magical energy storage.


Maijurium was first discovered during the Dark Age, so naturally no other information on its discovery was recorded at the time, though the information of its existence was brought along with the Aloreans during the Reclamation.

Everyday use

Maijurium is used in all manner of magical devices as a form of power, propulsion, and mechanical work all across Ysrailore.

Industrial Use

Maijurium has only few industrial uses, all of which being related to its properties. the Artum variant is most commonly used for these purposes due to its inherrent Artum enhancing properties.


Maijurium requires no refinement, though does often require resizing and cutting in order to fit the crystals into the associated devices.

Manufacturing & Products

Maijurium itself cannot be used to produce products. However, it is commonly integrated into nearly every magical device in existence.


Maijurium possesses a slight hazard in the form of detonating if exposed to Maijurous in greater amounts than its size can handle.

Environmental Impact

Other than the above personnel hazard, Maijurium has no environmental hazards.

Reusability & Recycling

Maijurium can be charged and discharged near endlessly, thus allowing it to be used for decades before eventually burning out.


Trade & Market

Maijurium is only useful to those possessing Maijure capabilities. Thusly, it is almost exlusively produced and consumed in Ysrailore, though other countries that possess a magically inclined populous can also make use of the material.


Maijurium can be safely stored in containers marked as fragile, and kept away from any source of Maijurous.
20 Sanctums per pound.
Strangely, Maijurium smells faintly of fruit.
Maijurium has no taste.
Depends on type.
Common State


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