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The Reclamation

(Legacy Content)
The Reclamation is the name given to the beginning of the Alorean First Era, a time of progress and strength; this is where it all began. A bloody and brutally one-sided campaign led by The Four Great Heroes to retake the long lost surface world from the hordes upon hordes of uncoordinated and chaotic demons, demon lords, and demonic tyrants - gigantic, island sized beasts said to be the cause for humanity's original retreat underground.

The Conflict


After gathering together to initially discuss their plans, The Four Great Heroes masterminded the entire operation. They set upon the point in the crust supposed to be the thinnest and weakest, the location now referred to as the Breach, and began their preparations. Six months of prep work then follow, with The Four Great Heroes gathering and training a vast, million and change strong force, building and fueling a massive tunnel bore designed and built by Tyrra himself, and eventually readying the remnants of humanity for a war of the ages against the demons of the surface.


The human remnant brought with them a force of over a million strong, deployed through bays built into Tyrra's bore onto the blazing fields of Sancturalore and into the hellscape created by the demons after generations of being left to their own chaotic whims. As for the demons, they possessed numbers that quickly became uncountable and invariable, and were already spread across the entirety of the world.


As a campaign to reclaim the surface, the entire world was eventually turned into a battlefield as the uncoordinated and uncontrolled demons fell in droves before the might of the The Four Great Heroes and the armies behind them.


Hellish terrain marred progress just as much as the demons themselves: everything from the heat-choked deserts of the east, to the ice-spitting blizzards of the north, to the volcanic fury of the west, and the toxic and acidic wells of the south. Fire rained from the sky constantly, pits opened up beneath vast swaths of the heroes' armies into nightmarish, illusory realms of torment, and disease constantly set upon the ranks of men and women who followed in the footsteps of their heroes. And still, in spite of everything the world threw at them to throw them back, they pushed back just as hard.

The Engagement

The armies of man clashed in brutal engagements, with The Four Great Heroes scything their way through the countless demons in front of them, only to fall back onto the enemy's rear and cut them down from behind, only to clean up those that remain with ease. With the enraged demeanor of demons, especially of Wrath demons, retreat was often abandoned for a glorious death in combat. This factor made it easy for The Four Great Heroes to ensure a kill as opposed to hunting down escaped or wounded foes.


The human victory allowed for the beginning of the Alorean First Era, as the people began calling themselves " Aloreans," the people of the world. After such resounding defeats, the demon hordes seemed to finally gain some measure of sense and retreated underground, much like the Aloreans once did at their hands.


The victory of the Reclamation led to the immediate purification of the world in its many facets to make it once again suitable for Alorean habitation. This of course leads into the Heroic Golden Age, where The Four Great Heroes guide their people onto the various paths of progress for the decades to come, eventually leading to the modern world of Alore we see today.

Historical Significance

The Reclamation is typically the first thing to be taught about in any history class, lecture, examination, or otherwise, as its importance to modern Alorean society cannot and shall not be understated.


The Reclamation is seen to this day as the beginning of modern Alorean history, serving as not only the example of virtues to live by, but also as continual affirmation as to the charity and valor of The Four Great Heroes themselves.

In Literature

The Reclamation has always been the topic of numerous works ever since the Alorean Second Era due to its prominence, and has been featured in history books for factual accuracy, fictional novels for entertaining embellishment, even in recruitment posters for various guilds, militias, organizations, and countries showing the threat of another calamity coming upon the world.

Technological Advancement

As a result of the Reclamation, modern Alorean society came into existence, allowing for the invention of new forms of technology, as well as magical advancement and the manifestation of Yearn in the general populous. Perhaps the most significant achievement to be made in the following years and decades was the invention of P.U.L.S.E.-based technology, invented by none other than Tyrra himself.
Conflict Type
Military Campaign
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Loreday, Tyrrazel 1, 1 AFE
Conflict Result
The human remnant gained an outstanding victory against the demon hordes, pushing them into the underworld to which they had previously been condemned to.


The Human Remnant

Led by

The Demon Hordes


A force of approximately 1,000,000 men and women wielding mostly ineffectual weaponry, lead by The Four Great Heroes.
Uncountable numbers of demons, most of Wrath designation, with equally uncountable variations between them.


After their initial perfect success in Sancturalore, approximately 400,000 lives were lost in the coming battles.
Uncountable deaths to their ranks, resulting in their eventual routing.


Secure the surface of Alore at all costs, route the enemy forces into an unending retreat, unseat all (if any) forms of leadership amongst the demon hordes, seal the demonic Tyrants to ensure a future.
Destroy the Human Remnant completely and utterly, destroy the remainder of humanity.


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