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The continent of Sancturalore is the smallest of the primary landmass occupying the space in the center of the other four, and hosts a broad and vast history of the Alorean people, everything from The Crown of the World, to the scars left by the efforts of The Four Great Heroes during The Reclamation, and currently the entities of Order. To date, Sancturalore remains the most commonly visited tourist destination for those interested in the history of the world at large.


Sancturalore is a small, mountainous, island continent which bares a large, mile (1.6km) wide hole to its east known as the Breach, a hole bored by the machine built by the great Tyrra himself to carry the Dark Age Aloreans into the light of the surface. Atop the tallest peak thereof lies The Crown of the World, an enormous, temple-like monument to the achievements of The Four Great Heroes in the Alorean First Era. Its coastlines possess few settlements, though most notably is one large city, the aptly named Sanctuary, from which frequent mountain voyages are based, and which houses the island's only ports.

Fauna & Flora

In actuality, the wildlife on Sancturalore is sparse and rather passive, housing few species that could actually pose a threat to Aloreans. However, efforts are continuously made to survey the Breach for any possible demonic activity, as it is the only known passage into the underworld that is purposely kept open.

Natural Resources

Sancturalore possesses few natural resources that are actively harvested or extracted from the environment, as all societies collectively agree that the lands of Sancturalore must be preserved and kept as they were when the The Four Great Heroes first touched it.
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