The Sansurath

Written by Regulus_Vaikyn

The Sansurath is the name given to the continent-spanning desert that covers the majority of the Tyrralorean landmass. The name originates from Tyrra himself, who upon setting foot on the continent for the first time noted the vigorous sandstorm violently raging across the lands and informally dubbed such storms the "Sand's Wrath," from thus the name was derived. Today, the Sansurath still poses significant threats to those that would walk beyond the walls of the bastion cities, as it harbors many dangers, be they the environment itself, vicious creatures, or even some of the nomadic Oro-kin tribes who treat outsiders with hostility.


The majority of the Sansurath is comprised of flat desert landscape, with occational dunes and hills serving to break the flat land up at points. Many oases dot the surface as these are some of the few points where substancial life might be found, especially with Oro-kin tribes as they move from oasis to oasis in their struggle to survive. Occasionally, the dunes will rise into the foothills of one of the three mountain ranges on the Tyrralorean landmass.

Fauna & Flora

Standards of desert life are of course present, what with various forms of mundane cacti, insects, lizards and the like, though a notable few can only be commonly found in the Sansurath, such as of course the Oro-kin, as well as the Kero-Bazir, and the Voru-Noud.

Natural Resources

The surface of the Sansurath offers very little in the form of resources, though beneath the sands lie vast wealths of material resource, resources that Tyrralore's Technocracy makes exorbitant use of. Beneath the surface one can find near every kind of metallic ore, everything from vast iron, copper, tin, aluminum, lead, as well as vast amounts of Veluvium, Bareshulate - with some of that Bareshulate going directly towards energy production using P.U.L.S.E Generators - and even some Juggernite in a few cases.
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Author's Notes

As with every writing endeavor, I would deeply appreciate constructive feedback, be it in the form of grammar corrections, naming ideas (which I have the most trouble with), or general questions or feedback about the world or anything within it. I thank you for your dedication of time to reading this article.

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