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The great city of Vaikous lies in the heart of the southernmost quarter of The Tyrralorean Landmass, and serves as the headquarters of house Vaikyn and all its associated peoples, along with a fair amount of travelers, merchants, and diplomats from around the world. The enormous industrial capacity present throughout the city, as with the other great cities, has proven to be a more than substantial economic strength for house Vaikyn.


The majority of the people living within the bastion walls of Vaikous are Aloreans at about seventy-two percent, another twenty-seven percent is made up of Urbo-kin, and the final one percent of other species. However, as with many cities across the world, Vaikous does not recognize The Doeveiga as a species worthy of its merit, and shuns such beings from their walls. The majority of the populous, around eighty percent, and as with the other great cities save Troydres, lives in minimally sustained, slum-like conditions at the foot of the city with the other twenty percent make up from guild members, knight's squires and knight candidates, as well as other military personnel, along side the nobility of house Vaikyn. This separation is further emphasized by interior walls between the slums, which make up about seventy percent of the city's coverage, and the upper districts, which maintain the other thirty percent. Much of this is in the process of being reformed and rebuilt by the current house matriarch, Regulus Vaikyn, who seeks to integrate both the long alienated populations of Oro-kin and Doeveiga, and rework the city's factories into safe working environments.


The government of Vaikous is lorded over by the authority of house Vaikyn itself, and as such is run absolutely. Strict laws enforced by the might of The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative constrain the general populous into heavy manual labor in massive factories for enough pay to sustain themselves and to have a miniscule amount left over for their own savings. The system of rule is entirely autocratic and headed by the patriarch or matriarch of house Vaikyn, just as it had been since the city's founding. While still being autocratic, the populous is assured that fairer treatment and just rule will replace the old system, thus assured by the current house matriarch.


The city, as one of the four bastions of civilizations in Tyrralore, possesses a massive wall enclosing the entirety of the cities outer reaches. The wall is composed entirely of Veluvium-steel, the corners and blind spots of which are watched over by towers of similar make, each capped with a Metorus 1200mm Artillery Cannon. Additionally, three Veluvium-steel composite gates mark the northern, southeastern, and southwestern walls, which allow for ground-based transit and trade.

Industry & Trade

Using the many smaller port towns or cities along the southern and western coast of Tyrralore, Vaikous trades regularly by sea and air with settlements all across both Gjalvalore, the Column Isle, and Sanctuary. The majority of Vaikous' economy centers around its mining efforts and everything it produces thereof. As such, the majority of its population - much like the majority of the population in many Tyrralorean settlements - are employed as miners, transportation workers, and factory workers to facilitate such a massive amount of mining and refinement. A smaller amount of the more educated public is employed as P.U.L.S.E Technicians for the maintenance of the city's machines and systems. About twenty-five percent of the city, as with the other great cities, are employed in the armed forces of The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative, and can be found scattered throughout the globe on peacekeeping sorties and crushing demonic opposition to the world as a whole. The remainder of the populous are employed in several other professions such as housecleaners, apprenticeship to a guild, or other menial labor tasks like loading or unloading goods that come in on trade vehicles. As for trade itself, the city's main exports mirror those of the rest of Tyrralore, those of course being highly advanced or refined materials like Veluvium, be it to the other great cities or beyond the continent's borders, and its imports are typically additional foodstuffs or luxury goods.


The city of Vaikous possesses first and foremost thousands of factories, each of which capable of pumping out millions of Sanctums worth of goods or materials each day. Beyond that, and aside from the fact that everything in the previous slums districts currently being brought to up to par with the rest of the city, there exists substantial sewer systems, a vast network of interconnected roads that snake throughout the city, a P.U.L.S.E.-based power grid encompassing the entire city, housing for its large population (again with the slums being retrofitted), as well as a transportation grid that will soon be adapted to include the prior slums districts, and numerous capable mining firms dedicated to the economic aspects of the city through the mining, refinement, and production of high quality materials. Additionally, the city possesses numerous P.U.L.S.E Reactors, which includes the main reactor to facilitate power generation. The city also possesses the capability to feed its massive populous by means of lab-grown foods, which can provide sufficient nutrition for said populous.


In addition to its infrastructure, the city of Vaikous possesses innumerable amounts material wealth in the form of refined ores, minerals, crystals and gemstones, liquids, and just about anything else that can be pulled from the ground. From there, Vaikous controls a number of vehicles both ubiquitous and unique ranging in purpose from civilian to military, most of which is also under the jurisdiction of The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative.

Guilds and Factions

Of course, the primary machinist guild holds a stake in Vaikous just as it does in the other great cities ever since their founding early in the Alorean Second Era. From there, the Knights of Gothrane hold a significant presence in the city, as with the other great cities, as well as numerous merchant, crafting, or artisan guilds that come about naturally from such a fierce economic presence.


The city of Vaikous was the second of the four great cities to be planned and built after the second reclamation and the rise of the four noble houses. It acted - as each bastion city does - as a safe haven for the people of house Vaikyn and the people that followed them. It was around this time that the Knights of Gothrane were founded as a form of continental peacekeeping force tasked with the protection of the cities from outside forces, be they demons or otherwise. From there, it expanded from its initial dimensions to about half of its current size, at which time the Knights of Gothrane became overextended, and it became necessary for the bastion cities to build the massive walls around themselves to both ensure the hostile environment would not claim the developing city and give their people a significant measure of ensured defense that was sorely needed. This is when the true downfall of the houses began, taking their cities with them, thus creating the horrid conditions of the city's slums. Though, after generations of this imbalance, the now current matriarch of house Vaikyn, Regulus Vaikyn, threw off the binds of inadequacy and overtook the house from her father, and now seeks to right the countless wrongs of her house.


The surrounding terrain is entirely desert plains and dunes with no land suitable for agriculture. This leads to the advent of sustainable lab-grown foods becoming a mainstay for almost all of the populous save the nobles of house Vaikyn, though this is slowly shifting as Vaikous is developing methods of hyper-efficient underground farming to counteract the necessity of such foods that have long since fell out of favor though was still required out of simple necessity, though this task is proving elusive at best. The city is far inland and does not have direct access to waterways or fresh water, and thusly almost entirely relies on chemical fabrication for its water.

Natural Resources

Nearly everything that makes Vaikous profitable comes from underground, through vast mines and shafts that snake through the world in an ever-required bid to extract every last mineral that can be gained. This means everything from coal, to iron, copper, lead, uranium, Veluvium, Bareshulate, and much, much more.
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