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Metorus 1200mm Artillery Cannon

(Legacy Content)
The Metorus is one of the heaviest weapon systems employed by The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative used on only the largest of vehicles or emplacements. They are employed only in the defense of the bastion cities or absolute destruction of demonic forces too powerful to be adequately dealt with by other, more conventional means. The sheer energy outputted by this weapon means that it is to be used as sparingly as possible as the crater left behind by its use can result in complete desolation for many years to come. The weapon fires at a mere 1 rpm, though the sheer army-killing power of the weapon is seen as more than enough to warrant the slow recharge. Unlike any other P.U.L.S.E Weapon, the Metorus' sheer power completely ignores nearly all P.U.L.S.E Energy Shielding currently employed by The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative, with the exception of the immensely powerful energy shielding of the Fortreomere Land-Cruiser - which in fact even possesses these weapons - or the shielding on the largest of naval warships.   The power of the weapon is often enough to end possible demonic incursions before they truly begin, with testing showing that a single, direct hit can completely annihilate even a Euragar War-beast.


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