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Euragar War-beast

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Euragar War-beasts are massive Wrath Demons created for the sole purpose of demolishing cities, as their tusk-like appendages and armored hides allow them to crash through buildings with ease and continue on their way as though nothing happened. These destroyers are often seen at the head of a charge during invasion attempts, commonly surrounded by smaller, lesser demons such as Vohevrodals and Euragant-Maws. While somewhat clumsy and entirely brutish, the sheer power of the War-beast alone is enough to warrant serious concern from any nation unlucky enough to have one stampeding across their lands.

Basic Information


Euragar War-beasts possess a body structure most similar to the body of an enormous lizard, having four legs, and the disfigured body of an Alorean with four arms, two in a standard position and two mounted on its shoulders, all of which ending in tusk-like protrusions. The head is shaped like a rough surfaced kite shield with the mouth towards the point at the bottom, followed another set of bone-tusks. The innards of the creatue are similar in composition to other Wrath demons, being almost entirely composed of muscle and nerves, with a brain in its oversized head, and a Wrath core at its heart. The thick, chitinous armor found all across its body is capable of shrugging off blows from even some of the most powerful vehicle-mounted weapons, such as the Vindicator 175mm Cannon and Hellfire 250mm Mortar of The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative.

Biological Traits

Euragar War-beasts are all nearly identical to one another, all of which clad in deep red and crimson scales and armor plates.

Genetics and Reproduction

Little information on the reproductive cycle of the Euragar, as it originates only in the pits of the underworld, and all Doeveiga spawned from it, if any, result in the form of Doeveigan Scythes.

Growth Rate & Stages

Next to no information is available on the life cycle of the Euragar, much like most demons originating from the pits of the underworld. They are assumed to be created from the melding of smaller or lesser Wrath demons to produce the size of the beast itself. There is also speculation that some extremely unfortunate Succubi are turned into further malformed spawning facilities in order to create these beasts, though none of this can be confirmed.

Ecology and Habitats

Euragar War-beasts are only found inhabiting the vast reaches of the underworld, only coming to the surface to wreak absolute havoc during invasion attempts.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Euragar subsist on the essence of destruction acquired by the direct action of seemingly senseless aggression. This gives cause to their Immutable status. A Euragar War-beast seems to always be in a state of mindless withdraw, resulting in complete berserk rage at all times, though its efforts are usually enough to sustain itself.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Euragar War-beasts carry a resemblance to great horned beasts, otherwise having no discernable features other than ridges upon ridges of bon and armor.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Euragar only exist commonly in the underworld, where they are culled by the hundreds by Order's Hell Hunters, only coming to the surface to wage wars in demonic invasions.

Average Intelligence

Euragar are seemingly completely unintelligent, resulting from their constant berserk rage. This makes them both ferocious in combat and easily controlled, attacking the last thing to attack it if left to its own devices.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The sensory abilities of the Euragar are relatively similar to that of an Alorean's, though scaled up for its size.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

As with all demons, Euragar are seen by all surface dwelling species as parasites on their kind, due to their all-consuming wrath, which commonly sends them towards the nearest cities to destroy.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Wrath Demon
Euragar are immutable, meaning that as long as they continue to feed they are immune to the effects of age.
Average Height
45' (13m)
Average Weight
325 tons (330,215kg)
Average Length
57' (17m)
Average Physique
As a Wrath demon, Euragar War-beasts are extraordinarily physically capable for a creature of its size, as its body is almost entirely comprised of muscle.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Euragar are almost always a deep crimson red in coloration.

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