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Euragant-Maws are smaller-sized demons, similar in size to a large dog though almost entirely comprised of three sets of jaws which not only serve as the demon's main form of attack - allowing it to easily shred flesh and most common metals - but also gave rise to contention as to its designation as either a Wrath demon or a Gluttony demon. Although, its primary presence around Euragar War-beasts combined with research on its innards resulted in the solidification of its status as a Wrath demon, thus its place associated with the Euragar War-beast.

Basic Information


Euragant-Maws are four-legged demons consisting of said four legs clustered into two groups of two on either side of its body, a mouth at its front housing three separate jaws, and numerous horns and spines jutting from its bulbous, scaly form.

Biological Traits

Euragant-Maws' appearance can vary with the general color of an individual, amount or presence of horns and spines, and manifestation of larger or smaller variants, but the mouth of the creature is maintained throughout all variations, thus the "Maw" in the creature's name. This designation is somewhat confusing do to the existence of similar Gluttony demons, but it seems upon further research that the functions of the Euragant-Maw is more Wrath based than Gluttony based.

Genetics and Reproduction

Near nothing is known about the reproductive cycle of Euragant-Maws, as they are presumably spawned in the pits of the underworld, also presumably by altered Succubi when considering their vast numbers.

Growth Rate & Stages

Information on the life cycle of Euragant-Maws is far and few between, representing a similar lack of knowledge considering demons of almost every type.

Ecology and Habitats

Euragant-Maws seem to only exist alongside Euragar War-beasts as a form of ground force during invasion attempts, swarming enemies that are out of reach of the beast itself.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Euragant-Maws subsist on the essence of destruction acquired by the direct action of seemingly senseless aggression. This gives cause to their Immutable status. A Euragant-Maw seems to always be in a state of mindless withdraw, resulting in complete berserk rage at all times, though its efforts are usually enough to sustain itself.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Euragant-Maws can only be found in mass in the vast reaches of the underworld, though flood through breaches made by the much larger Euragar War-beasts which they generally follow into vast conflicts.

Average Intelligence

Euragant-Maws appear to be unintelligent.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The perceptive abilities of the Euragant-Maw seem to rely entirely on scent and hearing, as the creature possesses no visible eyes. Its other senses have been honed to a startling degree, as the creature appears capable of tracking individual targets beyond the normal ranges those senses would allow. Additionally, it appears that these creatures are linked to one another so some form of mystical link, allowing the swarm to attack as a single force.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

As with all demons, Euragant-Maws are seen by all surface dwelling species as parasites on their kind, due to their all-consuming wrath, which commonly sends them towards the nearest cities to destroy.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Wrath Demon
Euragant-Maws are immutable, meaning that as long as they continue to feed they are immune to the effects of age.
Average Height
2.5' (0.8m)
Average Weight
132lbs (59kg)
Average Length
5' (1.5m)
Average Physique
The bodies of Euragant-Maws appear to be entirely comprised of muscle tissue, leading to staggering physicality as well as the confirmation of the Wrath status.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Euragant-Maws can range in color, though the most common are red, purple, black, green, and yellow.


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