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The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative

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The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative is the name given to the military of Tyrralore, and encompasses all branches of the Tyrralorean military, everything from facilities, to the army, navy, air-force, artillery division, and special forces.


The TDI is directly controlled by the four noble houses of Tyrralore: Belach, Cerroni, Vaikyn, and Troyes. From there, the various heads of the respective military branches: generals for the army, admirals for the navy, marshals for the air-force, and bombadeer generals for the artillery division, with special forces falling under the command of one of the four. From there, command is further distilled into respective commanders, captains, and other officers before finally reaching the "boots on the ground" men and women responsible for direct engagements.

Public Agenda

The TDI embodies a singular goal: protect national stability from any and all threats, beit within our borders, or beyond the high seas.


The TDI possesses a number of assets, everything from infantry, tanks, and other land vehicles, to fast attack air-craft, landers, and gunships, to naval destroyers, battleships, and carriers, to powerful artillery support, as well as financial backing from the four noble houses themselves.


The TDI began as a militia force in the Alorean First Era, at the beginning of the Golden Age, to serve the great hero Tyrra in removing the demonic presence from the Tyrralorean continent. From then on, the TDI became the first line of defense in the ever-ongoing conflicts between demon insurectionists and the people they protect.

"Technological solutions to the combative problems of Tyrralore and its allies."

Articles under The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative

The Knights of Gothrane
Organization | Sep 10, 2022

An order of Tyrralorean knights who devote themselves to the protection of the people of Tyrralore as dictated by the virtues of Lady Aerielle Gothrane

Neodurum Infantry-Fighting-Vehicle
Vehicle | Sep 10, 2022

The primary IFV employed by the Tyrralorean Defense Initiative used in a multitude of roles, everything from scouting, to covert operations, to frontline combat against light targets

Caernarvic Main-Battle Tank
Vehicle | Sep 10, 2022

A balanced, all-terrain, all-situation fighting vehicle

Fortreomere Land-Cruiser
Vehicle | Sep 10, 2022

A truly enormous land vehicle acting as a mobile battle-fortress and headquarters, capable of single-handedly crushing smaller demon invasions with ease

TDI-Flying Scout Drone-1
Vehicle | Sep 10, 2022

A flying scout drone variant deployed from host vehicles that can provide numerous functions, from scouting and surveillance, to target painting and acquisition

Neodessius VTOL Light-Attack Aircraft
Vehicle | Sep 10, 2022

A easily produced, simple, and well-balanced aircraft for nearly any situation

Basilisk Destroyer
Vehicle | Sep 10, 2022

Small, fast, and nimble seagoing vessels capable of serving alone as a patrol craft, or as a ship destroyer in service to a larger fleet

Regulator Cruiser
Vehicle | Sep 10, 2022

Ubiquitous and pragmatic seagoing vessels serving as the highly numerous and highly differentiated core of Tyrralore's navy, operating as close to home as the Tyrralorean continent, to as far as Vyerigal


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