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Basilisk Destroyer

(Legacy Content)
The Basilisk Destroyer is a seafaring naval vessel employed by The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative mainly as either a lone patrol craft or as an escort in a larger fleet. Regardless of where or how it is used, the Basilisk is known as a small, highly maneuverable, and highly deadly craft, with groups of them being capable of finishing off even the largest battleships once they were sufficiently crippled. Even in lone scenarios, a single Basilisk can still be a threat to large opponents thanks to is evasive capacity. However, the vessel's powerful armament and quick speed and maneuverability comes at a cost of its energy shield strength being below par, as the craft cannot take many hits from large caliber guns or cannons.

Power Generation

1 Small-sized Naval P.U.L.S.E Reactor.


1 Small-sized, aft Naval P.U.L.S.E Jet. 6 Maneuvering P.U.L.S.E Jets located on the draft's bow, midsection, and stern.

Weapons & Armament

5 Turreted, single Galleric 100mm Autocannons. 2 Turreted, dual-stacked, piano-mount, dectuple Oriscar 200mm Artillery Cannons. 4 Turreted Spiritus 20mm Rotary Cannons. 30 Turreted, twinned Spitfire 20mm guns.

Armor and defense

125mm of sloped, Veluvium total armoring. High-powered P.U.L.S.E Energy Shielding and projectile deflection, with blast shielding capability. Drone-mounted defensive laser array for shooting down shield-piercing projectiles.

Communication Tools & Systems

Full radio-communications suite.


Full visual, infrared, and night-vision suites. Full laser-targeting suite. Full motion sensor array, with integrated radar.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Ten 5,000 gallon (18,927 L), P.U.L.S.E Liquid tanks with integrated leak prevention. Full, automatic fire-suppression suite with segmented fire shielding for separate compartments. Full recoil dampening suites for all main weapons. Drone-bay consisting of holding and launching manifolds for the TDI-Flying Scout Drone-1's. Smoke-based countermeasures. Auxiliary P.U.L.S.E Generators for self-sufficience.
"Target destroyed"
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131 million Sanctums
40' (12m)
375' (114m)
Draft: 18' (6m)
Displacement: 3,125 tons (2,834,952kg)
Top speed: 55 knots (64 mph) (102 kph)
Complement / Crew
Due to automation, the vessel only requires a crew of 60: 1 captain, 4 bridge operators, 5 communication technicians, 10 rangefinders, 10 gunners, 15 mechanics, 15 P.U.L.S.E Technicians.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
The vessel holds enough space to carry an additional 20 passengers and/or an additional amount of cargo weighing up to 100 tons (90,718kg). Additionally, the vessel also carries 20 TDI-FSD-1s.


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