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Oriscar 200mm Artillery Cannon

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The Oriscar is the mainline artillery cannon employed by the The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative used on a number of its vehicles and emplaced on countless facilities for base defense, ground support, or of course long range artillery strikes. Due to the relatively slower fire rate of around 12 rpm, it is often employed in groups, the size of which depending on the necessity of the engagement, ranging from three for standard engagements to twenty or thirty for high priority scenarios, of course accompanied by numerous other forces to ensure their protection. As a P.U.L.S.E Weapon, the Oriscar is about five times as damaging as a standard projectile weapon of the same caliber, capable of piercing heavily armored, steel-hulled vehicles, and even Veluvium armor if given enough time to focus on a single point on the armor. However, as with nearly all P.U.L.S.E.-based weaponry, its effects are either reduced or negated entirely by P.U.L.S.E Energy Shielding, as the projectiles are the result of the P.U.L.S.E Liquid's energetic reaction.

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