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Veluvium is a deep, midnight blue ore similar though not exact in coloration to Bareshulate, though far and away more useful. Veluvium has a similar metallic structure to that of iron or steel, but possesses much, much higher durability than either of those two, though not nearly as durable as Titanoshulate. Veluvium has quickly become a favorite of The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative, who uses the material to construct arms capable of actually harming and armor capable of withstanding attacks from powerful demons.


Material Characteristics

Veluvium is a deep, midnight blue metallic ore commonly found underground, especially beneath large mountains. It is relatively common, though not nearly as such when compared to Bareshulate.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Veluvium is a stable metallic substance, and possesses durability far greater than that of steel, anywhere from ten times as much to almost thirty times as durable when accounting for any impurities. However, due to its relatively higher density, Veluvium is twice as heavy when compared to steel.   Veluvium-steel on the other hand is nearly thee times as strong regular steel, though due to the miniscule amounts of Veluvium used in the creation process only weighs around ten-percent more than normal steel.


Veluvium is often alloyed with steel to create Veluvium-steel, which does reduce the overall durability, but substantially decreases the cost due to the relatively small amounts of Veluvium required to make the alloy when compared to the same amount of steel.

Geology & Geography

Veluvium is only found underground, the largest veins of which occur beneath mountain ranges.

Origin & Source

Veluvium ore is the only method of finding useable material.

History & Usage


Until the discovery of enormous, under-mountain ore veins, Veluvium was used sparingly in the creation of Veluvium-steel, a generally superior metal to steel though the rarity of the material prevented widespread use. Nowadays, however, Veluvium-steel has become enormously commonplace, while pure Veluvium is usually maintained as a military resource, primarily in use by The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative for the construction of its various war-machines.


Veluvium was discovered by a Tyrralorean mining firm during the Golden Age, who originally used it to produce the Veluvium-steel which built the now ancient bastion walls around the four main Tyrralorean cities, as well as several other sites and outposts that have been lost to time or demonic influence.

Everyday use

Veluvium-steel has almost entirely replaced regular steel in common civiian uses, though pure Veluvium remains held exclusively by military factions.

Industrial Use

Veluvium is often used to facilitate the creation of the much cheaper Veluvium-steel alloy. Veluvium-steel is then used in the production of cheap consumer products, or the maintanence of the bastion walls surrounding Tyrralorean cities.


Veluvium ore requires refinement before it can be used. Firstly, as with almost every metal, Veluvium ore is melted down using a blast furnace into molten Veluvium and slag, which is then separated. From there, the molten Veluvium is poured into ingot casts, air hardened, then taken out and stored for future uses.

Manufacturing & Products

Small amounts of Veluvium is used to create Veluvium-steel. Larger amounts are used in their pure state to produce far more durable items than can be achieved with steel, such as vehicle hulls, weapon components, personal armor, and P.U.L.S.E.-based technology casings.

Byproducts & Sideproducts

Veluvium has no byproducts from its creation process other than the slag which is separated from it during refinement.


Veluvium is not innately hazardous.

Environmental Impact

Veluvium smelting, much like Bareshulate smelting would pose significant evironmental threats if no countermeasures are in place to control such pollution.

Reusability & Recycling

Veluvium products, due to their durability, can often outlast multiple users, thus providing its function for enitre generations.


Trade & Market

Veluvium is mostly seen in Tyrralore, as it is the largest producer of the material, though the material in its pure form is rarely seen outside of the country due to its importance as a construction material in military assets. Veluvium-steel products, however, can be found as far as Ysrailore or Vyerigal.


Veluvium can be stored just as easily as any other stable metallic materials.
Pure Veluvium: 40 Sanctums per pound. Veluvium-steel: 7-9 Sanctums per pound.
Veluvium has no odor.
Strangely, veluvium tastes of glass.
Veluvium is a deep, midnight blue in coloration.
Melting / Freezing Point
5100 F (2815 C) / N/a
Common State
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