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Tyrralore's Technocracy

Land of Technology

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Tyrralore is the first of the primary nations, occupying the mostly desert eastern lands of Alore - also called Tyrralore. Founded by the first of The Four Great Heroes - Tyrra - it has more than earned its reputation as the land of machinists and technology. Though now under rule by its four houses, Tyrralore has a more than capable global presence, everything from its extensive economic strength, to its massive war-machines, and its champions set upon blazing wings of energy.


While originally formed as a republic under Tyrra , one of The Four Great Heroes, Tyrralore has been transformed through time into a technocracy, where the heads of its four noble houses - Belach, Cerroni, Vaikyn, and Troyes - directly rule in the form of a council. The heirarchy that follows is assembled as such: the council members, other members of the houses, district barons or baronesses, then their appointed knights, guild masters, and finally the common public.

Public Agenda

In essence, the agendas of the four houses can be described as such: ensure general public safety within the walls, ensure the continuation of the houses, defend national stability against rebellious or otherwise barbaric incursion, defend national and world-wide stability against demonic invaders, protect economic interests from opposition beyond the borders, and ensure advancement of the people through invention and innovation.


Tyrralore has to its name a large variety of assets, from the four bastion cities, to tanks, mechs, naval fleets, and vast assortment of air units, to a highly efficient economy centering on mining for various resources, trading with neighboring nations, the production of both cost effective and highly advanced materials like Veluvium, and the invention and innovation of new technologies, such as P.U.L.S.E..


Tyrralore was founded by Tyrra after The Reclamation at the beginning of the Alorean First Era. It served as a home for the hero as well as his people, who followed in his footsteps to assist in the creation of highly advanced technology in all fields, thus improving the standard of living of the people as a whole. However, as with the other four nations, the cities and citadels of Tyrralore were left deserted when the first calamity occurred, a mere twenty years after Tyrra himself, the last of the four great heroes to die, fell of old age. After the first calamity was resolved, Tyrraloreans became increasingly distrusting of the republic style of government, citing the lack of military assets that were available due to the relative peace-time as a reason Tyrralore fell during the calamity. This allowed the four houses, who were admittedly originally dedicated to upholding the ideals of Tyrra, to gain power and eventually remove the republic, and consolidate power. This eventually lead to the absolute control held by the houses today, and the gradual resentment thereof from the people as rights they once took for granted were removed from them.

Demography and Population

The Alorean population in Tyrralore is almost entirely centered on the four major cities, in which the four noble houses make their headquarters: Belraith, Cerrivane, Vaikous, and Troydres. A sizable Urbo-kin population is also found within these cities. An additional population of Oro-kin walk the desert wastes from oasis to oasis, though they are not counted in any population census. A number of individuals from other races, generally excluding Doeveiga, are found throughout the massive cities as adventurers, diplomats, or other form of traveling occupation.


The nation of Tyrralore occupies the Tyrralorean primary landmass, along with several nearby island chains and major islands, However, Tyrralore does not occupy the Column Isle, which maintains its own self-sufficient government, and maintains trade relations majorly with house Vaikyn.


Tyrralore possesses a very sizable and globe-present military force under the designation of The Tyrralorean Defense Initiative - TDI - and its several sub-branches. In addition to this are the police forces of the individual cities, and The Knights of Gothrane who are commonly called upon to single-handedly cull problems or issues.

Technological Level

Tyrralore hosts the most advanced - technologically speaking - hardware in existence, though almost all of it is used entirely by the noble houses. The general public has access to the most basic of Tyrralorean technology, including standardized living systems like plumbing, P.U.L.S.E.-based electricity for powering homes and appliances, and access to the nearly globe-spanning Tyrralorean internet service, called Tyrranet. Guild masters have access to more advanced tech, though the noble houses will possess the most advanced technology in all fields.

Foreign Relations

Tyrralore has mostly trade relations with its neighboring countries, including Saeralore , Gjalvalore, and the Column Isle. Though such relations are the most common buyers for Tyrralorean materials, the materials that Tyrralore produces can even find their way into other countries across the globe, such as Vyerigal, or even Ysrailore in some cases.

Agriculture & Industry

Tyrralore is the world's leading industrial power in terms of technology, comparable to the magical equipment output of Ysrailore. The majority of Tyrralore's industry is centered around the construction and manufacture of military hardware, creation and production of highly advanced materials, and the integration of P.U.L.S.E.-based technology into everyday life. As a desert continent, Tyrralore's population is almost entirely fed by either traded foodstuffs, mass-produced artificial foods, or even lab-grown foods.

Trade & Transport

Tyrralorean trade is facilitated by way of enormous, sea-based cargo-vessels and massive air-ships capable of transporting millions of tons of goods. Trade overland is very dangerous, though not uncommon, and usually facilitated through either massive land-haulers or armored and armed convoys to protect assets from both creatures and raiders.


The average populace is self-taught through public libraries, as public education has been removed from use by order of the noble houses.   Guild masters hold a sizable leap in education over the general populace, and are typically taught by hired mentors.   All other people comprising the noble house members, barons/baronesses, and knight candidates represent another sizable leap in education, and are taught through the use of mentors hired specifically for the house.


Tyrralorean cities are one of the only forms of infrastructure on the continent, each comprised of several districts, and possessing housing for the vast majority of the populous, markets for the well-being of the citizens, sewage systems ranging from adequate to highly advanced, highly advanced water piping systems, arenas for gladiatorial, artistic, or public events, highly advanced P.U.L.S.E.-based energy systems, and enormous, 500ft tall (152m), 50ft (15m) wide, Veluvium-steel alloy walls, complete with towers topped with Metorus 1200mm Artillery Cannons, and Veluvium-steel composite gateways leading out into the desert. Additionally, many military installations dot the landscape, mostly on the coast for the launching and maintenance of its naval fleets, along with aircraft landing zones integrated into every city or military complex.

Advancement through technology.

Founding Date
Loreday, Tyrrazel 1, 1 AFE
Geopolitical, Technocracy
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
The Sanctum
Major Exports
Moderately advanced military hardware, highly advanced materials and composites, ores and minerals.
Major Imports
Mainly foodstuff ingredients for mass production.
Legislative Body
The four noble houses of Tyrralore: Belach, Cerroni, Vaikyn, and Troyes.
Judicial Body
The four noble houses of Tyrralore: Belach, Cerroni, Vaikyn, and Troyes.
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Related Professions


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