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The Four Great Heroes

(Legacy Content)
The Four Great Heroes of Alore is a story told to all Aloreans after the first reclamation, detailing the events of the Alorean First Era as it occurred from the perspective of modern mythology. The myth refers to The Tale of the Four Great Heroes, which is where the myth originates.


The Four Great Heroes is a tale beginning at the start of the Alorean First Era (AFE), which describes the events of the Reclamation and the involvement of the four titular heroes: Tyrra, Saera, Ysrai, and Gjalva. The historical legend that this tale is based from influenced nearly everything in modern Alorean society, from the names of the four main continents (Tyrralore, Saeralore, Ysrailore, and Gjalvalore), to the ideological standings on the nation based use of technology or magic; this tale works to continually establish the precedent for the world at large.

Historical Basis

This tale is based on the once recorded history of the Alorean First Era, transcribed from nearly irreparably damage documents on the subject lost during the First Calamity.


This tale is spread worldwide and is taught to future generations as an example of heroism and virtue.

Variations & Mutation

Despite being in existence for millennia, ever since the dawn of ancient and modern history, the myth has been kept relatively intact.

Cultural Reception

The tale is generally accepted universally. However, there are some that doubt its genuineness, as with all things commonly accepted as fact.

In Literature

The tale is commonly lectured over in its written form, as Aloreans have attempted to record it after the destruction of nearly all recorded knowledge in the First Calamity.

In Art

The halls of The Crown of the World in Sancturalore are lined with images from The Reclamation, standing alongside which are grandiose statues build in the heroes' honor, resembling the stability of their nations.
Date of First Recording
Loreday, Tyrrazel 29, 1 AFE
Date of Setting
Loreday, Tyrrazel 1, 1 AFE
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