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(Legacy Content)

"Great Hero" Ysrai (No last name recorded)

Ysrai was the second of The Four Great Heroes and founder of the nation which bares her name: Ysrailore. Her mastery over all manner of arcane arts, save only a few, easily made her the most powerful spell-caster in existence at the time, and allowed her to make the once-thought impossible journey to Tyrralore, the land of machinists to discover the origins of rumors circulating about a man that claimed to have a way to retake the surface.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Ysrai was described as being in peak physical condition. Her endurance in combat was legendary, as though she possessed limitless pools of stamina and Maijurous, capable of prolonged engagements lasting days at times without stopping.

Body Features

According to record, Ysrai was rumored to have little to no body hair, save for that which tops her head. Her body was described as being "very well-proportioned" for the time, though the exactness of this statement is questionable due to the loss of records during the First Calamity.

Facial Features

Generally, Ysrai was describe as having soft, rounded features which gave an especially strange sense of comfort when combined with both the uniqueness of her appearance and her outwardly stern demeanor.

Identifying Characteristics

Ysrai's previously discussed unique appearance remains identifiable even to this day.

Physical quirks

Was described as right-handed.

Special abilities

Ysrai possessed the ability to use Maijure, and did so with both frightening efficiency and overwhelming power, preferring the Detrum school over any other for its directly destructive uses. And although she preferred to use Detrum, she also mastered other schools which quickly became favorites as well, such as Fortum, Transum, Conjum, and Artum.

Apparel & Accessories

Most often wore a set of full-plate mail constructed of a currently unknown material, complete with layers of metal plates combined with sections of scale mail, chainmail, and gambeson, all of which primarily matte black in coloration. Interestingly, the suit does not come with a helmet. Rather, it comes with a headset shaped like angel wings which go behind the ears and which work to channel the innate magical power of the user into two separate, strong protective fields over both the user's head and the user's body, allowing the user's enemies to be affected by spells which would require the user's face to be shown.

Specialized Equipment

In addition to her armor, Ysrai carried a blade which she named Gheoskaer - or "Earth-Skewer" - a double-edged sword of longsword length, though it was made with a one-handed handle. The runic engravings on the blade are so precise that it allows the blade to hold multiple enchantments without reducing the stability of the weapon as a whole.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

According to recovered records, Ysrai was the head of the ancient Mages' guild in the dark age and the head of her people's military efforts thereof. During such times, she spent countless hours perfecting most of the known schools of magic, save the Clairum and Illusum schools, though she seemingly mastered magics that even modern scholars still cannot replicate. Upon hearing rumors of a man in the land of machinists claiming to have a method of retaking the surface, Ysrai made it her personal duty to travel there and see this man for herself.

Gender Identity

Determined as female.


Determined as straight.


Widely self-trained.


Employed as the head of the Dark Age's Mages' guild, though later becomes founder, leader, and guide for Ysrailore.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Took part in and was a major player of The Reclamation. Was the first being in recorded history to master multiple schools of magic, thus proving its possibility. Founded one of the four primary countries, Ysrailore, as a place for magical study and a safe-haven for her people.

Failures & Embarrassments

None recorded (Assumed lost)

Mental Trauma

Ysrai was said to be unusually sensitive on matters of the protection of family and trusted friends, hinting at the possibility of loss in her background. Though, due to loss of records during the First Calamity, this cannot be confirmed.

Intellectual Characteristics

Vastly intelligent, she was known to have an understanding of magics and tactics that few could hope to match, easily seeing through possible ambushes and traps set by demons in her never-ending war of survival.

Morality & Philosophy

Ysrai was known to be outwardly stern and aggressive, though had a kind and motherly nature that made her refuse to back down when someone was in need. This quality, combined with personality traits from a background that was recorded and subsequently lost in the Calamity, meant that she was especially understanding of the plight of what we now call The Doeveiga.


Ysrai was known to have an absolute hatred for betrayal and traitors, and often - once a sufficient conviction was made - would personally skewer such convicts to death with her blade and magics.

Personality Characteristics


Ysrai was driven by a passion for the mastery of Maijure, and an unending desire for justice and rightful individuality.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Legendary combat prowess and historic mastery over arcane forces, though seemed to struggle in situations requiring a defter hand.

Likes & Dislikes

Enjoys long, uninterrupted study hours. Hates dishonesty and disloyalty.

Virtues & Personality perks

Determined, courageous, patient, and inspiring.

Vices & Personality flaws

Headstrong, overly kind, and at times overly strategic.

Personality Quirks

Has a tendency to stare during conversations.


Always maintains a state of perfect cleanliness on everything.


Contacts & Relations


Family Ties

None recorded (Assumed lost)

Social Aptitude

Confident when speaking, though prefers efficient use of words to long, drawn out sentences. This, however, tends to get her meaning lost in translation as she often uses metaphors that don't translate easily.


Maintains a closed stance in conversations, save for conversations with trusted allies, friends, or family.

Hobbies & Pets



Though outwardly stern, her voice contains a softness to it that sometimes undermines the severity of the situation.

Wealth & Financial state

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Great Hero of Alore
1 737
Circumstances of Birth
Circumstances of Death
Death by old age
None recorded (Assumed lost)
Current Residence
Heterochromatic - Left iris: dark ashy grey, Right iris: clouded, snowy white
Waist length carbon black, with streaks of silver near the top
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Unusually pale white
6' 3" (1.9m)
201lbs (91kg)
Quotes & Catchphrases
"The incompetence of our previous rulers proved them to be nothing more than rusty blades among sharpened knives, valued for their aged wisdom, though incapable of serving their purpose-built functions any longer."
Known Languages
As Alorean was the only language of the time, Ysrai only knew such.


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