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Physica Dementaurum

(Legacy Content)
Physica Dementaurum describes a disease present in all sentient, sapient lifeforms at birth, which will eventually cause the complete degradation of one's body and mind at the latter stages of one's biological life. The disease is incurable, even by means that have been shown to cure other diseases or conditions. There exists a single exception to this rule, that of Immortality and Immutability, which in and of itself breaks one from the constraints of time regardless. Otherwise, this disease marks the inevitable end of one's life.

Transmission & Vectors

Physica Dementaurum has only one transsmission vector being through childbirth. All sapient creatures born through organic means possess the disease, since it is transfered from the mother to the child during pregnancy.


Scientists and scholars of technology and magical means alike have been eluded as to the initial cause of the disease, simply because it seems to date all the way back to the people of the Dark Age. Thusly, due to the nature of the Dark Age, no records of that time or earlier exist to document the initial factors that caused the disease.


Symptoms of the disease are exactly the same from individual to individual, and are documented as symptoms similar to bottomless muscular atrophy for the body and endless dementia for the mind, both of which resulting in the eventual death of the individual.


There exists no treatment to either prolong, halt, or cure the condition. As such it is commonly referred to as "The Inevitable," or simply "Death."


Physica Dementaurum always follows a distinct path. To begin with, the individual must be near the hypothisized maximum biological lifespan for their species by at most three years, after which symptoms of dimentia begin to arise first. This is always followed by muscle fatigue, even despite having perfomed no physical activity, eventually resulting in paralysis and death due to organ failure. While this occurs, the symptoms of dementia progress just as gradually, eventually resulting in rotting of the abstract mind, apathy, and brain death.

Affected Groups

Physica Dementaurum affects all beings of a sentient and sapient description, regargless of race, gender, age, body type, or other conditions.


Physica Dementaurum cannot be prevented by any means for an individual born naturally. The only method in existence that has been proven to stop the disease completely - albeit unreliable for the general populous - is the advent of Immortality or Immutability within the individual, as either will effectively remove them from the scales of time, and by extension the progression of the disease.


As Physica Dementaurum already exists in the entire sapient populous and cannot spread to those removed from the scales of time - such as demons, Immortals and Immutables, and The Doeveiga - the disease cannot move through populations other than the above transmission vector.


Physica Dementaurum was always a part of Alore, possibly even dating back to the times before the Dark Age, though its beginnings remain a mystery as a result of the undocumented nature of the Dark Age.

Cultural Reception

Physica Dementaurum is a commonly accepted fact of normal life, just as much as death normally would be to any creature. And since both the disease is seen as the end of one's life anyway, and the fact that most people typically die well before having to needlessly worry about the disease, it is viewed as just another consequence of living in their world.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital


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