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The Planet of Alore

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The planet called Alore is where countless stories are created, unfold, intertwine, and fade with time, remembered by the few with which they interact or by the masses as tales of greatness and inspiration, like The Four Great Heroes of Alore. It is also where many people, both intriguing and different or bland and similar, as well as many fantastic and terrifying beasts make their home. Anything and everything could be found here, to demons and angels, to powerful sciences and high fantasy, to grim realities and dark pasts, to magic and technology; everything has a place in this world.


The world of Alore is host to many varied forms of geography, namely the desserts of Tyrralore, frozen tundra of Saeralore, volcanic wastes of Ysrailore, and toxic crags of Gjalvalore to name a few ancient examples. As for current day Alore, while much of Tyrralore is still desert, the volcanoes and fiery wastelands of Ysrailore have been quelled into peaceful mountain ranges with forests and plains at their feet. The previously uninhabitable frozen tundra of Saeralore quelled into vast valleys, still with a chill and harsh winters to them though not nearly as much as their snow-covered ancient counterparts. The toxic, mountainous crags and barrens of Gjalvalore slowly transformed into lush farmlands and wondrous, sightly peaks for the world to view with amazement. And of course, the majestic cloud-piercing mountaintop monasteries of Sancturalore are truly a sight to behold. There are, of course, variations of landscapes found throughout the world at large, but this represents a namely few.

Fauna & Flora

The world of Alore is home to all manner of creatures and plants, form ones that may seem familiar to forms undoubtedly different or unique. Truly, if one could imagine a creature possessing any manner of form, it could exist within this world. Anything from simple livestock like cows, pigs, sheep, or the engineered Palligant Oxen, to the world's people like the Aloreans, Urbo-kin, or Dellvo-kin, to all manner of exuberantly passive or vicious and ferocious beasts, like the Vori-Gai and Kero-Bazir and plant-life, like Veuse, found throughout the wilds.

Natural Resources

Many forms of resource can be found on or in Alore, everything from simple, everyday materials like wood, water, air, iron, or rubber, to precious resources such as gold, platinum, or diamonds, and even a few unique materials, such as Veluvium, Juggernite, or Titanoshulate. This, of course, only names a fraction of what is truly available.

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