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Reclamation Day

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Reclamation Day marks the beginning of the Alorean new year, set on the day which the original Reclamation took place. The day is observed as a global holiday, with celebrations as small or as grand as one can imagine, lasting anywhere from a few hours to the full day, and even multiple days in some circles. It is a day of celebration for all Aloreans that dwell on the surface, for it is on this day that they give their thanks to The Four Great Heroes for bringing their ancestors to salvation against the demon hordes and providing them with a world upon which they can thrive.


The first official celebration of Reclamation Day was in the year following the actual event, and began with The Four Great Heroes enacting a personal celebration of their achievement on Sancturalore. This quickly spread to the rest of the world, as their people took to those celebrations as a means of thanking the Heroes for their efforts. Reclamation Day remained a staple holiday for Alorean society, even during the First and Second Calamity, and thereafter.


There is no one specific method of giving thanks during Reclamation Day, as different species and races have different methods of doing so. However, commonalities do exist even between different groups, such as having a feast of all participants of the festivities, or the engagement of reenacting The Reclamation.

Components and tools

While there are no specific items for use during the festivities, common items are made for these times, such as replicas of the Four Heroes and their equipment made as toys for children, celebratory equipment like streamers and banners, and of course plenty of food and drink for consumption during feasts.


Any and all are generally accepted as part of the celebrations and festivities, though individual events may pose restrictions placed by the organizers, a common restriction being that no Doeveiga are allowed to participate.


Reclamation day is celebrated on the first of Tyrrazel, the first month of a new year.
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