Alore The First Calamity

The First Calamity

Disaster / Destruction

14/7 7:00
28/2 1:00

The end of the Age of Heroes brings with it the fall of Alorean society, the unsealing of the tyrants, and the return of the demons.

Approximately twenty years after the death of the final great hero, Tyrra, a demon lord by the designation of Balraious-Kaneig, an entity of tremendous and terrible power rose with its armies of demons to take the surface back from the Aloreans. By unsealing the five tyrants that The Four Great Heroes worked so desperately to seal away, he slew the Alorean populous in the billions, and drove the remainder to hide in woefully underprepared shelters and bunkers. The isolation would serve to transform many of the survivors into other forms of humanoid now seen today. This calamity continued for over five-hundred years, and claimed the lives of nearly eighty-two percent of the Alorean population.

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