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Lunous is the first of Alore's orbiting bodies, and is typically the brightest object in the night sky. The moon has long since been the topic of debate among Aloreans for quite some time - especially in Tyrralore - where the conversation typically deviates towards possible personnel landings or even to colonization.


The surface of Lunaous consists of numerous craters and impact sites, a sign of its gravity intercepting waves of asteroids and other threats to Alore coming from beyond the stars. Notably, there exists an enormous crater covering a vast amount of the moon's surface. That alongside the debris rings around the moon itself seem to indicate an equally enormous asteroid impacting the moon's surface, perhaps even saving the world from destruction as a result.
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Additional Statistics

  • Lunaous is a mixture of greys in coloration, from very light on its highs, to very dark on its lows.
  • Lunaous is approximately one-fortieth the mass of Alore.
  • Lunaous completes one full rotation for every three rotations Alore makes, and completes one full revolution every half-month.
  • Lunaous completes one full phase cycle every month.


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