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Tarnevul is the second of Alore's moons, and the while smaller than Lunaous or Bartigen, it is still rather bright in the night sky. Its strange and erratic orbit had made it difficult for astronomers to spot for nearly half of the Alorean First Era, though once that was finally pinned down it became easier track and observe.


Tarnevul consists of a similar form of rock that comprises Lunaous, determined as such by its similar coloration. However, Tarnevul is not marred by craters like Lunaous is, partially due to its smaller size when considering the other moons, and partially due to its strange orbit.
Planetoid / Moon
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Additional Statistics

  • Tarnevul is a mixture of greys in coloration, from very light on its highs, to very dark on its lows.
  • Tarnevul is approximately one-seventy-fifth the mass of Alore.
  • Tarnevul completes one full rotation for every two-third rotations Alore makes, and completes one full revolution every week.
  • Tarnevul completes one full phase cycle every two weeks.


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