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The Saeralorean Landmass

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The Saeralorean continent, otherwise referred to as the northern primary landmass or simply by Saeralore, encompasses the nation also named Saeralore. It consists primarily of semi-arable tundras, with various mountain chains, rivers, lakes, and boreal forests taking up the remainder of the land that has yet to be truly settled. It also includes the few solitary islands and island chains in its immediate surroundings. Saeralore is home to some of the world's most brutal conditions, ranging from somewhat mild and temperate on the southern coastline and in the summer, to near inhospitable and frozen in the winter.


The terrain of the Saeralorean landmass mainly consists of vast tundra and frozen plains, alongside mountain ranges, both frozen and non-frozen waterways, lakes, and forests filled with evergreen trees. The continent itself shares an oceanic border with Tyrralore and Ysrailore. Due to events as recent as the Second Era, the geography itself could have been altered by the whims of the Colossus of Alore, though ever since the beast was slain the land has stabilized.

Fauna & Flora

Creatures that can be expected to thrive in cold or semi-permanent winter conditions inhabit the Saeralorean landmass, be the intelligent or non, passive or aggressive. Some examples are of course Aloreans, most of the world's population of Faneir-kin, along with Frost Drakes, Dragons, and so forth.

Natural Resources

Despite Saeralore's shortcomings in overall settlement, the continent itself is rich in many natural resources, everything from basic materials like iron, coal, tin, copper, wood, grains, and the like to the more exotic materials such as Maijurium, Arborea, Bareshulate, and comparatively small amounts of Veluvium.
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Author's Notes

While this article does cover important details about one of Alore's most prolific continents, I made it during Inktober 2019 as a entry for the "Snow" prompt. So... two birds one stone!

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