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Graous-Kaneig is the seventh of The Planet of Alore moons, and and fourth largest of the orbiting bodies between Lunaous and Tarnevul. Unlike all other moons/ planets, or other celestial bodies in the Alorean star system, the origins of Graous-Kaneig are well known to all inhabitants. The name translates literally to "Grave of Kaneig," which refers to the entity known as Balraious-Kaneig. The moon itself was formed at the very beginning of the Alorean Second Era, when Order forced the normally ethereal Balraious into a material form, either slew or subdued him (historians are unsure which), then compressed his unresponsive material form into a rough sphere, and placed the newly formed moon at the very edge of Alore's gravity well, locking the part of the moon with Balraious' upper body to permanently face the planet as a reminder to other demons that would seek to plunge the planet back into total calamity.


The surface of Graous-Kaneig is almost entirely made up of a roughly carved sphere with one exception, that being the appearance of Balraious-Kaneig's upper half plastered on the side that faces Alore.
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Additional Statistics

  • Graous-Kaneig is majorly dark grey in coloration, reminiscent of the color of Balraious' body when he still lived.
  • Graous-Kaneig is approximately one-sixty-third the mass of Alore.
  • Graous-Kaneig is the only one of Alore's moons to be tidally locked. The moon itself completes one full revolution every week.
  • Graous-Kaneig completes one full phase cycle every month.


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