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Ysrai's Heart

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Ysrai's Heart is a basin nestled in the heartlands of Ysrailore between the Stellar and Yielding mountain ranges. The name is in reference to the Great Hero Ysrai, who's stern outward demeanor shielded and hid away her true kindness resembled here respectively by the mountains and basin itself. The land was once a warzone for one of the most brutal demon slaughters to be recorded in modern history, as Ysrai herself felled a demon horde nearly one-thousand strong, and through that victory the lands became pure and host to numerous farming establishments, everything from simple grains and starches to fields upon fields of Veuse plants grown for herbal remedies.


Ysrai's Heart consists of the inner hills of two separate mountain ranges flanking a relatively flat basin. A single, wide river facilitates most of the irrigation, though Maijure is often used to supplement this in areas the river cannot reach. The river also facilitates trade for the settlements of the area, namely the city of Heartspire, which is the main port through which the basin's goods flow. The remainder of the lands between the hills and the river is relatively flat and used extensively for cultivation.

Fauna & Flora

Little in the way of wild or ferocious beasts remain within the basin itself - those usually hide out in the surrounding mountains. All life within the confines of the basin are either sentient, domesticated, or cultivated. With exceptions made for the people inhabiting this area, animals within the basin are typically of the livestock variety, such as cows, pigs, and chickens, although livestock are not the focus of the lands. Instead, the majority of the land is used for crop cultivation for staples such as wheat, rye, barley, rice along the untrafficed portions river, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, olive vines, and even a large amount of Veuse fields.

Natural Resources

The main resources gained from the heartlands are in the form of crops, such as wheat, rye, barley, rice along the untrafficed portions river, potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, olive vines, and a large amount of Veuse. In addition to this, recent prospectors have supposedly discovered a large amount of Veluvium within the flanking mountains, though there is opposition between eager mining firms and the government of Heartspire for rights to these resources, and as such the Veluvium does not constitute an addition on the basin's resources.
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The Ysrailorean Heartland
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