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The Heart's Harvest

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The Heart's Harvest is a series of festivities and celebrations that take place during the summer months of Saerazel and Medezel in the mountainous basin of Ysrai's Heart by the people of the land, the Heartlanders. The festivals are meant to celebrate both the successful harvest of the previous year and the hero of the lands Ysrai with magnificent banquets and events for the townsfolk.


The Heart's Harvest began after the first few years of colonization of the surface after The Reclamation. It was meant originally to give thanks to Lady Ysrai herself while she still lived, and visits to the area by Ysrai herself only furthered this. After her death, and the onset of the First Calamity, the festivals were still held symbolically by the Heartlanders while confined to the underground. Only after the Second Reclamation by the hands of brave heroes, and Order themself, could the festivities continue as they once had, though now as a celebration of the life and achievements of Ysrai, as well as celebration of the fertility of the land they work and as thanks for the great hero.


The Heart's Harvest requires around half a month of preparation before the festivities can begin, during which the city of Heartspire is prepared to accommodate the masses, festival tents and stands are set up, ingredients are gathered and prepped, and finally, during the day of festivities, all of the food is gradually made and ready for the feasts. After all of this is completed, the masses are allowed into the prepared festival grounds to engage in the hospitality and family atmosphere the Heartlanders are known for.

Components and tools

Most items used in observance of the festival are various foodstuffs to be consumed, ranging from potatoes, tomatoes, bread, milk, cheeses, beef, pork, poultry, eggs, fruit, vegetables, and all manner of wondrous family recipes which mix and combine all of the above to provide for the feast of the masses. Even the fruits of the Veuse plant can at times be found, for a moderately increased price by comparison.


The people of Ysrai's Heart, otherwise known as Heartlanders, are the main participants of the festivities, and while outsiders are generally not permitted to take part, special circumstances can mean that specific outsiders are allowed in as honored guests of a specific family, or even the city of Heartspire itself.


The Heart's Harvest takes place during the summer months of Saerazel and Medezel both in celebration of the last year's successful harvests and as thanks for the great hero that made all of this possible: Ysrai.
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