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Tubrea is a moderately sized lumber town at the foot of Mt. Calysma and bordering the Icewood Forest in Ysrailore. While the town had once been a prosperous and economically stable township, the discovery of possible volcanic activity from the nearby dormant volcano has caused the majority of the populous to flee within a week of the discovery. The remainder of the populous attempted to continue living in their homes, but soon found that a town of that size could not function with such a reduced population, and the remainder packed up and left. Since that time decades ago, the ghost town has been reclaimed by the local vegetation, and will one day be demolished by the next eruption of Mt. Calysma.


Originally, the town was a primarily Aloreans settlement with a small population of Urbo-kin among them. There had been some interaction with Arbo-kin on the nearby forest as well - to hammer out a deal for lumber operations - but none of them lived within the city. Of course, the only things that live there now are various plant and animal species.


The town was once run as an autocracy under its founder, Magister Gjorniv Tubrea, though not one of oppression and heavy taxation, rather as a method of establishing the town itself and ensuring its economy was stable. Once that was accomplished, the town held elections and ran similarly to a democracy, though the first mayor was Magister Tubrea.


The town itself had large stonework walls with gates, drawbridges, and the works when it was a prosperous settlement. However, most of those walls have long since collapsed from environmental or animalistic influences.

Industry & Trade

When the town was alive, its main source of revenue was the money it garnered by exporting raw materials like ores and timber. The town also sat at an important trade junction between the cities of the south and the townships of the north, further increasing its economic yield by taxing the trade going to and from those other settlements.


Tubrea was set up to adequately handle both extensive lumber and mining operations, as well as to facilitate trade between the more northern towns and the southern cities of Ysrailore. The town made use of the Volgune River - which it was built around - to power most of its sawmills, but a small amount of its infrastructure, such as some mills, forges, or otherwise, were designed to incorporate Magitech into their structure, generally increasing productivity. Most of the Magitech devices were striped and taken by the original refugees when they left the town.


The town was originally a small village constructed on land granted to its founder, Magister Gjorniv Tubrea, via a land charter. The Magister quickly set to work establishing an autocracy to get the first buildings of a small village built, assisting the endeavors with his adequate Artum magics, and establishing the first lumber treaty with the Arbo-kin of the Icewood Forest. Once the village became a small town, the Magister willingly relinquished his title as an autocrat to allow the townsfolk to vote in their own mayor - though unsurprisingly, the Magister won that vote. He would be the uncontested mayor of Tubrea for the remainder of his life, and would die in office of a heart attack. From there, the town would see decades of prosperity and growth. Only on occasion would a corrupt ruler make their way into power, though they would usually be removed after some major scandal. Then, one of the town's surveyors noticed a fissure in the ground spewing thin, wispy clouds of ash. This information eventually lead to the discovery of volcanic activity within Mt. Calysma, and the subsequent exodus of the townsfolk. Now the town lays broken beneath the weight of root and vine.


Tubrea sits at the foot of Mt. Calysma, nestled within the Icewood Forest, and on top of the Volgune River. The terrain aside from the mountain consists of rolling hills, all of which covered by the above forest.

Natural Resources

The majority of Tubrea's natural resources came as timber from the nearby Icewood Forest and minerals extracted from mines set within Mt. Calysma. Once the threat of magma intrusion was made clear however, the town's government brought in Geomancers to collapse all of the mine shafts as a part of the evacuation.

12 Medezel, 9796 ASE

Inhabitant Demonym
Previously Tubreans, though the descendants of the last Tubreans now consider themselves part of their respective new settlements or continents.
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This is my entry for the Inktober 2019 prompts: "Overgrown" and "Ghost." Who says ghost towns can't also be places of nature?

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