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Vardendale is a large township on the southwestern side of Ysrailore, set upon the edge of the similarly named Varden Loch. Since the town's founding at the hands of one Sir Varden, it's people have made use of the clear, pure lakewater to create all manner of similarly branded alcohols. Such examples include a variety of meads, wines, ales, and the like, though none more popular than the the town's famous "Varden Ale," which has since garnered worldwide acclaim. 
I always suggest the Varden Ale - 'at one's a favorite o' mine. What? Don't 'ave the taste for it? Well, what kind a piss ya drinkin' instead of the good stuff?
— Local Tavernkeep

Industry & Trade

Vardendale is nicely placed along the southwestern trade route between Port Yew and Irucmonte. It serves as a perfect resting place for road weary travellers transporting goods through that route, especially given the town's focus on exemplary beverage making. Additionally, since the town is such a good trading post, it has access to a wide variety of goods that would otherwise be unavailable to the common populous, as well as providing an excellent method for selling large quantities of the previously mentioned beverages.


Vardendale is comprised mainly of many breweries owned by the Varden family, much akin to the rest of the town. Aside from the homes for those who live in the town, Vardendale additionally possesses docks on the Loch shore for fishing, mills along the waterline for lumberwork, as well as an ample variety of taverns, inns, and a large marketplace. All of this serves to firmly plant Vardendale in the Ysrailorean consciousness as a definite place to stop along the southwestern trade routes, as well as a perfect place for adventurers to gather.


The surroundings of Vardendale consist majorly of rolling plains into foothills of the nearby mountain ranges. Aside from that, the town is set along the edge of the Varden Loch, a large, crystal-clear freshwater lake which itself is surrounded by a dense forest. 
Occasionally, a dense mist will roll off the surface of the Loch into the town without explanation. It has long been thought that this fog is caused by some manner of mythical beast that inhabits the lake, in spite of several investigations by mercenaries confirming this is not the case. However, the fog cloud has in the past been used by one or two local Foguntiir that attempt to pick off stragglers caught outside in the mists. As a result, the town guard have issued warnings regarding the fog, and that while they will not stop people from going out during a fog-day it is highly advised against.
Founding Date
22 Saerazel, 546 ASE
Large town
446,200 of mixed races, mostly Aloreans and Urbo-kin
Inhabitant Demonym
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Additional Details

Standard Defense History

Due to its importance as both a trading post and as the nearest town to hold the southern river passes with, Vardendale has been no stranger to bandit raids throughout the decades. Particularly bandits will often make their base camp in the woods surrounding the Loch, using the ample supply of neary timber to carve boats, and "invade" the town during a fog-day. Once there, they take advantage of the usually deserted storefronts to quietly raid what they can while the majority of the populous is at home being superstitious. This has been known to backfire once in the town's history, as the group of bandits in question was set upon by a Foguntiir using the fog to hunt. The bodies of four of the six bandits were discovered and identified, which lead to the discovery and eventual slaying of the previously mentioned Foguntiir.


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