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The Foguntiir are strange creatures resembling man-sized metallic spiders, with the body and head of a snake instead of an actual spider head. They do not hail from this plane of existence, instead originating from from the plane of the dead and departed, Epilogue. These strange entities use their metallic avatars to hunt the living when they cannot find prey amongst their own lands, making use of an equally strange toxin they produce to inflict living victims with Fog-Stricken. They use this venom in conjunction with their ability to naturally produce fog - similar to the fog on Epilogue, though lacking its additional properties - to ambush unsuspecting victims, and tear the souls from their bodies, making them vulnerable. 
If you ever see a little fogbank stretching across a battlefield, don't go near it. They say it will drain your life, and leave you among the bodies...

Basic Information


Foguntiir are very similar in morphology to normal spider-like creatures, the only difference shape-wise being the presence of a snake head and body extending from its "neck." Beyond that simplistic similarity, a Foguntiir avatar can be as large as an Alorean in terms of total size. It's body is comprised of an odd form of metal that originates from their home plane of Epilogue, which takes on a pale, bluish-silver coloration - a material which later became known as Soul-Steel. The creature possesses ten legs total - five on each side - all of which are shaped into long blades that it uses for movement and subduing prey. The snake head possesses a set of four fangs - two on each jaw - that it uses to inject its unique venom into its victims.
Beyond that, its body appears to be somewhat hollow, acting only as a vessel for its true self on Epilogue. That said, a fog similar to that which can be found on Epilogue constantly seeps through holes and cracks in its metallic form, forming an area of about thirty-feet (ten meters) diameter around the creature, which it uses to hide and hunt within. Despite having the form of a spider, typical Foguntiirs do not possess the ability to spin webs or threads, though they can still climb like one.

Genetics and Reproduction

Not much is known about the Foguntiir in regards to how they come into existence, though there are several hypotheses. One such explanation could be that the bodies of their victims could turn into a form of Soul-Steel cocoon once they are buried or left alone for long enough, erupting into another Foguntiir avatar. Another simply suggests that the true Foguntiir on the plane of Epilogue simply create their avatars and send them to our plane through some means. Of course, none of these theories are currently seen as accurate.

Ecology and Habitats

Foguntiir are often found around areas with a vast amount of death, natural or otherwise. They seem attracted to such areas due to the large amount of souls being released from their material bodies. As such, they will congregate around areas of disasters, warzones, massacres, and other such mass death locals, often causing additional deaths themselves. Because of this, anyone venturing into such locations - either to collect the dead, save the living, assess damage, or otherwise - are warned to keep an eye out for rolling fogbanks, as they can quickly cause their own demise should they venture too far.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Foguntiir, as natives of Epilogue, do not consume the bodies of victims they subdue, and instead hunt for their souls or essence directly. They accomplish this either by slaying their victims, or by using the much simpler option of their unique venom. This substance, when injected into a living subject, quickly causes the condition known as Fog-Stricken, which forcibly ejects the soul from the body into the plane of the dead. Whilst there, the soul becomes vulnerable to the creature's true form, a horrific amalgamate of legs, necks, heads, and fangs. 
Should the Fog-Stricken soul be able to return to and lay within their body - or even the body of another Fog-Stricken victim - they immediately return to consciousness in the mortal realm. This little detail has in the past lead to some... interesting conversations amongst multiple victim groups.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Interestingly enough, and similarly to other denizens of Epilogue, the metallic corpses of fallen Foguntiir can be carefully melted down and processed into their component metals. This often results in a small fortune of coin being granted to the slayer of such a beast, of course with consideration to how the material is used.

Average Intelligence

Foguntiir have been observed displaying a number of advanced hunting tactics, suggesting a level of intelligence on par with, if not ranging slightly above or below the average Alorean. Given their single purpose nature, however, this level of intelligence should only be expected in this field.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The glowing pale-blue eyes of the Foguntiir have the capability of sensing its surroundings to quite a fair distance, even through fog, smog, mist, smoke, or other visual discrepancies. That said, these creatures appear quite capable of seeing through the fog they naturally produce, as well as similar conditions in their environment. Oftentimes, a smart Foguntiir will use this knowledge to immerse themselves in passing natural fogbanks in order to close the distance to its prey or mask its presence.
Scientific Name
Outsider (Epilogue)
Average Height
3' 4" (1 m)
Average Weight
300 lbs (136 kg)
Average Length
6' (1.8 m)
Geographic Distribution

Additional Details

Example of Bounty Board Postings: 

By order of the Knight-King:
the fiend that stalks the early morning fog must be brought to the sword. King Haedril calls upon all able bodied men and women to slay the beast. The crown is prepared to grant a reward of five-thousand Sanctums upon return with proof of the slain beast. Individuals who take on this quest are free to claim the corpse for their own purposes, so long as those purposes do not violate any local or national law.
Speak with your local Guardmaster for further details.
— Ysrailorean Bounty Posting


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