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The Sanctum is the official currency of most Alorean nations, named after the central continent Sancturalore for is resemblance of stability, reliability, and permanence. Since the Sanctum is comprised of a unique amalgam and minted in a very specific manner, it is almost entirely impossible to counterfeit. The Sanctum is used by every major nation due to the ease of translating goods into a value of the currency. Each of the four main coin variants are minted with the face of one of the The Four Great Heroes on the heads side in ascending order: Tyrra is on the one Sanctum coin, Ysrai is on the five Sanctum coin, Saera is on the ten Sanctum coin, and Gjalva is on the twenty Sanctum coin. Other coin variants include the one-hundred Sanctum coin, which has Order on its face, and lower value coins ranging from 0.01 to 0.25, and in ascending order feature each of the four ancient Tyrants. The tails side of every coin - save those specifically made to commemorate certain occasions, events, or people - possesses a rough map of the explored world.

Manufacturing process

[Note: any attempt to reproduce this methodology in any way is a serious international offence, and will be handled by the policing branch of the Atherion.]   Firstly, all of the component metals are melted down into a liquid or semi liquid state, then poured together into a basin and mixed. Once the amalgam is mixed thoroughly, the amalgam is then poured into casting dishes of appropriate size, with excess as a result of overpouring being allowed to harden with the rest of the piece, chipped off, and melted again with any other leftovers. From there, the minting press is aligned on both sides of the malleable casting dish and activated, producing the standardized minting on both sides of the coin.


The Sanctum is of monetary significance worldwide, as it is the most commonly used and officially accepted form of currency for the facilitating of everything from national trade all the way down to individual transactions.
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Controlled substance, otherwise very common
0.5 oz (28g)
Diameter: 1" (25.4mm)
Base Price
None - the Sanctum is itself a form of currency.
Raw materials & Components
An amalgam majorly comprised of Copper as a base, with small amounts of Gold for value, and trace bits of Veluvium for durability. This amalgam is altered subtly either to decrease or increase the unit's value during the creation process to allow for units of differing value.
Requires a forge capable of producing the amalgam with relevant casting dishes, along with a Sancturalorean minting press to finalize and officiate the coins.


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